SAD PUPPIES 3: the 2015 Hugo slate

NOTE: Last updated on 2 MAR 2015. The stand-alone e-book for Ed Lerner’s “Championship B’tok” is now live, as well as an extensive (and very fascinating) interview with Charles E. Gannon!

And here it is! After much combobulating, the official SAD PUPPIES 3 slate is assembled! As noted earlier in the year, the SAD PUPPIES 3 list is a recommendation. Not an absolute. Gathered here is the best list (we think!) of entirely deserving works, writers, and editors — all of whom would not otherwise find themselves on the Hugo ballot without some extra oomph received from beyond the rarefied, insular halls of 21st century Worldcon “fandom.”

Which is where YOU guys come in. Everyone who’s signed up as a full or supporting member of either Loncon 3 (last year’s Worldcon) or Sasquan (this year’s Worldcon) or MidAmeriCon II (next year’s Worldcon.) If you agree with our slate below — and we suspect you might — this is YOUR chance to make sure YOUR voice is heard. This is YOUR award (as SF/F’s self-proclaimed “most prestigious award”) and YOU get to have a say in who is acknowledged.

Remember: only YOU can combat puppy-related sadness!

Best Novel
The Dark Between the Stars – Kevin J. Anderson – TOR (23 FEB 2015 interview)
Trial by Fire – Charles E. Gannon – BAEN (2 MAR 2015 interview)
Skin Game – Jim Butcher – ROC
Monster Hunter Nemesis – Larry Correia – BAEN
Lines of Departure – Marko Kloos – 47 North (Amazon)

Best Novella
“Flow” – Arlan Andrews Sr. – Analog magazine November 2014
One Bright Star to Guide Them – John C. Wright – Castalia House
Big Boys Don’t Cry – Tom Kratman – Castalia House

Best Novelette
“The Journeyman: In the Stone House” – Michael F. Flynn – Analog magazine June 2014
“The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale” – Rajnar Vajra – Analog magazine July/Aug 2014
Championship B’tok” – Edward M. Lerner – Analog magazine Sept 2014
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium” – Gray Rinehart – Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show

Best Short Story
“Goodnight Stars” – Annie Bellet – The Apocalypse Triptych
Tuesdays With Molakesh the Destroyer” – Megan Grey – Fireside Fiction
Totaled” – Kary English – Galaxy’s Edge magazine, July 2014
“On A Spiritual Plain” – Lou Antonelli – Sci Phi Journal #2
“A Single Samurai” – Steve Diamond – Baen Big Book of Monsters

Best Related Work
Letters from Gardner – Lou Antonelli – Merry Blacksmith Press
Transhuman and Subhuman: Essays on Science Fiction and Awful Truth – John C. Wright – Castalia House
Wisdom From My Internet – Michael Z. Williamson
“Why Science is Never Settled” Part 1, Part 2 – Tedd Roberts – BAEN

Best Graphic Story
Reduce Reuse Reanimate (Zombie Nation book #2) – Carter Reid – (independent)

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)
“The Lego Movie” – Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
“Guardians of the Galaxy” – James Gunn
“Interstellar” – Christopher Nolan
“The Maze Runner” – Wes Ball

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)
Grimm – ” Once We Were Gods” – NBC
The Flash – “The Flash (pilot)” – The CW
Adventure Time – “The Prince Who Wanted Everything” – Cartoon Network
Regular Show – “Saving Time” – Cartoon Network

Best Editor (Long Form)
Toni Weisskopf – BAEN
Jim Minz – BAEN
Anne Sowards – ACE/ROC
Sheila Gilbert – DAW

Best Editor (Short Form)
Mike Resnick – Galaxy’s Edge magazine
Edmund R. Schubert – Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show
Jennifer Brozek (for Shattered Shields)
Bryan Thomas Schmidt (for Shattered Shields)

Best Professional Artist
Carter Reid
Jon Eno
Alan Pollack
Nick Greenwood

Best Semiprozine
Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show
Abyss & Apex
Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine

Best Fanzine
Tangent SF On-line – Dave Truesdale
Elitist Book Reviews – Steve Diamond
The Revenge of Hump Day –
Tim Bolgeo

Best Fancast
The Sci Phi Show” – Jason Rennie
Dungeon Crawlers Radio
Adventures in SF Publishing

Best Fan Writer
Matthew David Surridge (Black Gate)
Jeffro Johnson
Amanda Green
Cedar Sanderson
Dave Freer

The John W. Campbell Award
Jason Cordova
Kary English
Eric S. Raymond


  1. Some nice picks here. Interesting, some of your picks matched my sister’s ANLAB votes. This is going to be fun to watch this year.

  2. I would add but one entry, in the short stories category:

    Christmas Noun 7: Attack of the Social Justice Noun, Larry Correia,

    For the sheer cultural arson and Krataclysms it would cause…

  3. Gee what a mess in best Novel, got Butcher, Gannon, Corriea, and Anderson to chose from. Better break out the dice to choice. 🙂

  4. In the Best Dramatic Work Short Form, are there specific episodes in mind? Nominating the entire series or season would be considered Long Form. I certainly can get behind Agents of SHIELD and Grimm, but I’m having a hard time deciding which 2014 episode.

    Sadly, I haven’t read any of the Best Novel recommendations. Most of them are sequels so I probably won’t have time to read them before nominations are due.

    Other than the Best Novel Category, I’m probably adding most of these to my nomination list, particularly the short story and novelette category. I’m grateful this list doesn’t ignore the down ballot.

  5. No Best Fan Artist category? I figure it would be worth it to vote for Taral Wayne just to put an end to his endless string of nominations without a victory.

  6. Andrew, keep this up and they won’t let you touch any technology more sophisticated than a digital watch. So go for it, the sooner you hang yourself the better for everyone else.

  7. Something interesting is going on here. I shelled out the supporting member price on the 27th. Still no PIN or email showing I’m a member. So either they are swamped or I’ve been stiffed….

  8. You’ve got Twitter reactions, from the ever-articulate Ian Sales:

    “Ian Sales
    ‏@ian_sales I see fascist scumbags’ve posted their ballot & they’re a force to be reckoned with which is why same few names appear lots of times on it”


    “Ian Sales ‏@ian_sales · 44m44 minutes ago
    @Paul_C_Smith surprised Jim Butcher is on their list, didn’t know he was a fascist. Not that I’ve read his books or ever plan to”

    It’s a mark of success to be falsely accused of being a fascist. Pretty much everyone and everything that’s successful gets called it at some point. Brad, you’ve arrived. 🙂

  9. I have an alternative suggestion for Mr. Sales: how about the Locus recommended list minus the 30 or so members of the Social Justice Division of the Ku Klux Klan? I mean, what standards are people like Sales even going by, random groupings of stars?

    I live in this world where there is this thing called “definitions.” Apparently Sales and co. resort to this art. If so, Sales and co. lose their own game by a football score of about 108 to 6. Stupid + bigoted racists equals Social Justice Warriors. “Fascists”? Who deletes and bans and who doesn’t. That score would also be about 108 to 6.

  10. Trial By Fire is on my Hugo ballot, and I’ve read Lines of Departure. (I didn’t nominate it – wasn’t sure it would get enough votes to make it.) If any of the short stuff is available online, a link would help – you’re competing against the free stuff on

  11. I would prefer The Flash over Grimm.

    For the CW show, it’s surprisingly solid.

    (And unrepentant about having a noble, pure, helping people because it’s the right thing to do, not because he’s TRAUMATIZED lead.)

  12. So, how do I go about nominating these folks? I shelled out my $40 for sad puppies last year.

  13. How does Game of Thrones qualify as a work that would otherwise not find itself on the ballot? It won last year.

  14. The second part of Patterson’s RAH bio is eligible as well for Best Related Work. Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century, Vol. 2- The Man Who Learned Better, 1948-1988.

  15. Thanks for the love in the Fanzine dept., Brad. It’s nice to know people like Elitist Book Reviews.

    Might i suggest one addendum? William Schafer of Subterranean Press for Best Editor – Short Form. Like Stan Schmidt, Bill Schafer has been criminally ignored, and has been a huge reason for short fiction still existing in several genres. He also runs the best Specialty Press in the business.

  16. What about webcomics for Best Graphic Story? Are there any fancy eligibility rules they don’t put on the nomination form instructions or does any ongoing webcomic that updated in 2014 count? (I’m thinking Gunnerkrigg Court, Schlock Mercenary, Erstwhile.)

  17. Ian Sales? Never heard of him.

    A quick Google search shows he’s written 4 books between 12 and 13, nothing since then. Did win a BSFA award (British Science Fiction Association) for his first book… or perhaps novella? It won in the short fiction category.

    Of course the only citation in his Wikipedia page is Damien Walter gushing about it on the Guardian, so that tells us basically nothing objective. (Who knows, he could be good) Given that he thinks Jim Butcher is a fascist just because his book was suggested for nomination certainly says a lot about him, however.

    Oh, and Clamps has apparently popped up on twitter in Ian’s thread as well. Not sure whose keeping track and letting the cops know, but there it is.

  18. Er, when have I equated Christians with Nazis? That would be terribly unfair of me – judged by total body count and sheer persistence of mass-murderous impulses, Christianity has been worse over a far longer period.

  19. As much as I do so love a good circular firing squad, especially on matters of religion, the guns we’re supposed to be charging aren’t each others’.

  20. Is Clamps not allowed to comment at all, or was he merely warned against harassment? (Posting here would be a problem either way; but in the second case he’d be free to comment to sites that welcome his insights.)

  21. Here’s what Vox said on the matter;

    I spoke with a representative of the Marshfield police department yesterday, and I can declare, with a reasonable degree of confidence, that the great troll campaign of the last five years appears to be more or less at an end. The police had Yama (whose identity, it turns out, was correctly identified) down to the station with his caretakers, none of whom knew anything at all about what Yama had been doing online for the last 12 years. I have been assured that there will be no further trolling of this blog, or of the many other blogs that have been trolled in the past, and that Yama will not be permitted unrestricted access to the Internet going forward.

    While Yama did subsequently take advantage of what I suspect was access outside his home to post a short comment on Brad Torgersen’s blog under the name of Alauda yesterday, I have already reported it to the police and they are addressing the matter. If Yama posts additional comments anywhere else, please bring them to my attention right away so that I can report them. I expect there will be a few more minor incidents of a similar fashion as Yama attempts to evade his newly imposed restrictions

  22. Individual episodes of Game of Thrones would be eligible; or the 2014 season as a whole, but that probably qualifies under Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, not Short.

  23. When Ian Sales calls Jim Butcher a “fascist” for being nominated, he once again justifies Sad Puppies II. His smug, “Not that I’ve read his books or ever plan to”—a dismissal apparently unrelated to this nomination—quite succinctly sums up the reason we have Sad Puppies III.

    It’s a gift to be grateful for, when your opponents make your point for you so well.

  24. Is Clamps not allowed to comment at all, or was he merely warned against harassment?

    My understanding is that his caretaker was advised to not permit him online without supervision, but realistically, the only thing that could trigger legal consequences would be him continuing to harass me or the other parties ot the complaint. Thus far, he’s seemingly been very circumspect about cyberstalking my blog or the other ones.

    My advice is to keep track of all of his comments, don’t delete any of them, and once you’ve got 50 or so, email me to let me know. I can direct you to the appropriate officer. However, it is necessary to first inform Andrew Marston that he is not permitted to comment on your site, and any further attempts to do so will be considered harassment and cyberstalking.

  25. pancakeloach asked, “Are there any fancy eligibility rules they don’t put on the nomination form instructions or does any ongoing webcomic that updated in 2014 count?”

    For all nominations, the complete work must have been released in 2014. In the case of Girl Genius, for example, the last page of Act 2 Volume 1 posted on 2014-12-29, so that particular volume is eligible this year. On the other hand, Freefall is not divided into chapters or books or anything like that, and will likely only be eligible when the story completes its run.

  26. So any guesses on how they’ll try and spin the fact that there are actually multiple suggested nominations? They seem to think we, like them, walk in perfect lock step, so the mental gymnastics when we don’t agree on everything are always entertaining.

  27. Thanks Jared. Someone ought to bring Clamps’s testing of the waters to VD’s attention, then. He’s mostly harmless here, but if he feels free to bug us he’ll feel likewise with targets he can hurt.

  28. Christians have a body count that surpasses at least 10 million? In what world did that ever happen in the name of Christianity even over a period of 2 thousand years? And notice the Orwellian scrum where concentrated slaughter is somehow better slaughter. What a nut case.

  29. Thanks for looking up Sales. I was on a lunch break.

    The other side is seething over just the *slate*. Imagine how much angrier they’ll be if some of these get on the ballot.

    Must buy popcorn.

  30. Says the man who stalked my friend to get back at me.

    A single email isn’t stalking, Andrew. Thousands of harassing comments over the course of five years is cyberstalking. And I am going to have to register a second complaint with the Marshfield police department soon if you don’t stop continuing harassing and lying about me. I have not stalked anyone and you know it.

    And what he said to Emma wasn’t “investigating someone cyber stalking” him.

    Do you seriously think I don’t save everything that has anything to do with you? I sent her a single email, once, which successfully confirmed your real life identity. And what I wrote to Emma on December 16, 2014 was precisely this:

    Dear Miss Levitt,

    I am given to understand that you are somewhat of an expert on social media. That being the case, I thought perhaps you might like to explain to your friend Andrew that running around all over the Internet attempting to pester various artists and their friends is not necessarily the wisest social media move, especially when your own friends are also artists.

    For example, we released a new book today. It’s doing rather well, top 700 or so on Amazon, which prompted Andrew to immediately show up on two of the contributor’s sites, both of whom are very successful authors, and start with his usual routine.

    Now, Andrew has expressed the opinion that you, and I quote, don’t “give a fuck”, but perhaps that is not the case and you could explain to him how this “social media” thing works, and why it is generally not considered a wise idea to behave in the manner he has been behaving for some time now.

    Thank you,
    Vox Day

    Not only did she falsely deny knowing you, but she also wrote that you “sounded like a real dick”. And in doing so in such a haplessly unconvincing manner, she confirmed that you were, in fact, Andrew Marston of Marshfield, Massachusetts, something you had repeatedly denied. Tell her not to oversell it so dramatically next time.

  31. David Truesdale: Twitter is a good place. Damien G Walter, Cora Buhlert and Natalie Luhrs and sometimes Arthur Chu are the most frequently engaged in attacking our side.

  32. I’m sure there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth at, at least among the commenters.

  33. Doesn’t Arthur Chu have some gamers to malign,, or did he get tired of getting beaten like a drum ?

  34. I haven’t seen his Twitter in a while, but if I had to guess he’s still raving about GamerGate 24/7.

  35. “The other side is seething over just the *slate*. Imagine how much angrier they’ll be if some of these get on the ballot.”

    Well, File770 seems to be fearmongering about our slate likely becoming the ballot. And, given the small numbers needed last year to nominate the short works, about 50* or so, I can see the concern.** Especially since there were about a hundred or so Sad Puppies nominating last year. Send the Puppy pack haring off in the same direction, and a hundred votes gets a fair chunk of the slate on the ballot.

    *That nominations on short fiction are only decided by 50 people tends to delegitimize the Hugos as a fan award in my eyes,
    **Not that I care. I’m trying to help drag SF back into the gutter where it belongs.

  36. “Andrew Marston of Marshfield, Massachusetts,”

    Whew. When someone above said Marshfield, I thought of Marshfield, Wisconsin, not too far from where my roommate has family. I was starting to get seriously worried.

    Anyway…where can I find an explanation of the Sad Puppies name? Making puppies sad is something I try very hard not to do.

  37. “Anyway…where can I find an explanation of the Sad Puppies name? Making puppies sad is something I try very hard not to do.”

    Thus you answer your own question. It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to campaigns based on emotion over reason.

  38. Nominations posted to Sasquan. Mostly went with the Sad Puppies slate, but threw in a few extras not on the list (including Freer’s “Star Dogs” & Swann’s “Dragon Princess” for best novel, Deirdre Saoirse Moen for Fan Writer, and Sarah Hoyt’s “My Last Post On SFWA — Pinky Swear” for Related Work). Skipped a few of the categories (particularly art related) because I wasn’t comfortable with nominating in categories I genuinely had no opinions on. Also need to figure out individual episode titles for the Dramatic Presentation Short Form, so that one I’m going to wait on. Might change a few nominations before the deadline, but for the most part I think majority will stand.

    Good luck to all involved!

  39. Some more suggestions for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)
    The Flash, CW. Very well done.
    The Librarians, TNT. Quite possibly the most fun show to come out in recent years.

  40. “Geoff Whisler says:
    February 2, 2015 at 8:49 am
    Something interesting is going on here. I shelled out the supporting member price on the 27th. Still no PIN or email showing I’m a member. So either they are swamped or I’ve been stiffed….”

    I signed up on the 27th as well, and got an email on the 1st asking “We can’t find your payment”… Which is why I never delete ANY emails. I forwarded the Paypal receipt back, and they said, “Thanks, we found it”. But nothing since, which I interpret as “Whoa, where did THAT wave come from?!?” Give them a day or two to get unburied.

  41. Brad, what about Marko Kloos for the Campbell? The eligibility site has him in his second year of eligibility. If he’s good enough for best novel, he’s good enough for the Campbell.

  42. I’m confused by the whole Sad Puppies thing.
    Doesn’t the Hugo Ballot involve nominations, voting, tallying, and such.
    How is this list generated? Is it similar, or simply one person’s “vote” that was tallied in the Hugo Nominations?

  43. Cambias’ A Darkling Sea was awesome — sort of like a combination of really good Poul Anderson with Hal Clement — worldbuilding, action and intrigue, very strong characters. It definitely deserves an award.

  44. I would like to revise my comment about James Cambias’ excellent novel by mentioning that it was published by Tor, which gets a ton of publicity and recognition. Not a bad thing, of course, but the primary reason for Sad Puppies is to give much needed recognition to all those who don’t normally receive any kudos and who routinely get overlooked for whatever reason. So maybe the list we have for novels is OK as is…

  45. I dunno, Dave; A Darkling Sea is easily one of the best classic-SF stories I’ve read in a while. Perhaps you’re right that it doesn’t need the signal boost from Sad Puppies, but I sure hope it’s on the ballot.

    Thomas Mays’s A Sword Into Darkness would be another good choice, but there’s only so much room on the slate.

  46. Ok, I just joined today as a result of the Breitbart article. Was the point just to get nominations? Do I get to vote for my choice? If so how do I vote? I don’t see any voting mechanism on the Sasquan 2015 Worldcon site….

  47. Consider myself neutral, so feel free to correct, but since nobody responded to the questions yet, I figured I would address a couple.

    @Brennan Harvey – This list was generated by Brad Torgersen, Larry Correia, and a few other authors. Their fans have been suggesting various works, but, ultimately, the decision of which works to include was solely that of the participating authors. The list can be thought of more-or-less as a personal opinion on the part of the authors of what were some of the best SF/F published in the last year and are worthy of a Hugo nomination. The participating authors have announced this list onto their respective blogs in the hopes that those fans that are eligible to nominate for the Hugo will give the works on the list consideration. I do not know all of the authors behind this list, but I do know that many of the authors on this list are not involved in the list’s creation and likely to be completely unaware of this entire campaign.

    @Belasarius – The Sad Puppy campaign is exclusively about the nominations. Past vote tallies have shown that ‘Sad Puppy’ works tend to fare poorly in the voting for the award. This is because the works tend to divide the voters: some voters rank them as their top choice, while many voters put them as one of their bottom choices. The voting system of the Hugo (Single Transferable Vote, in case you want to look it up on Wikipedia) gives more weight to works that are ‘not disliked’ by a majority of fans than to works that are LOVED by a significant but not quite majority of fans.

    At this point, there is little that you can do to advance the aims of Sad Puppies 3 campaign itself (if you did not purchase a membership before January 31st, you are not eligible to cast a nomination ballot this year). On the other hand, I think most authors would take a new fan and advocate for their books over a single Hugo nomination ballot any day, so SP3 is not the only way to support the authors nor their style of SF/F writing. Chances are SP4 or something very similar will happen, so there is always next year.

  48. Based on my reading of the rules, it looks like 1) Andy Weir’s THE MARTIAN is not eligible for a Best Novel Hugo, because it was self-published before 2014, *but* Weir himself is eligible for the Campbell Award, because that award only considers professional publications.

    Since there’s currently only three Campbell nominees listed, surely no one will object to adding Weir.

  49. Hmm, no mention of Dave Creek and Juliette Wade (who were previously on the list) being removed because they didn’t want to have anything to do with Sad Puppy politics. Currently, it says that the list was last updated 4 Feb.

  50. Perhaps because they didn’t want attention drawn to the fact at all?

    Attention you just provided?

    (Just a guess)

  51. Well, they are mentioned in dozens of sites that republished Brad’s original post, so some explanation would perhaps be in order to keep records straight.

  52. If Wade and Creek don’t wish to be considered for awards because someone they consider a BadThinkPerson said they might be actually worthy of awards, I am happy to accommodate their wishes and permanently remove them from my consideration.

  53. I would like to revise my comment about James Cambias’ excellent novel by mentioning that it was published by Tor, which gets a ton of publicity and recognition.

    Um, so was The Dark Between the Stars.

  54. You’re right. The publisher doesn’t matter, it’s an author or individual work which may be overlooked that SP3 is trying to correct; the publisher doesn’t matter.

  55. Interesting. sent me a Welcome message, with links to the hotels, and to the Hugo nominations, and lots of other interesting things – but every link points to http://1/. Probably some horrible find and replace error.

    Does anybody know the CORRECT address? Thanks.

  56. Proposed additions/changes to the Short Form noms. For Grimm, “The Law of Sacrifice” rather than (or at least in addition to) “Once We Were Gods.” The archaeology in OWWG was simply awful, and TLoS involves hard choices and the reality that it’s only sacrifice when it means giving up something you really care about. Also, the pilot for Forever was wonderful. I’d toss in Gotham, maybe the “Viper” ep, but I don’t know if it qualifies as SFF.

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  58. Just sent in my $40 to Sasquan to vote on the Hugos. I haven’t been to a con in almost forty years, and I don’t read much SF anymore, but it’s certainly a worthy cause. And frankly, $40 is a cheap price to help put a foot up the butt of the quasi-fascist SJW movement.

  59. I’m sure your artist didn’t do it intentionally, but when ever I look at those logos I have to laugh. I think we all know what the metaphor of a rocket ship is. And the Sad Puppies’ seems rather…limp.

  60. Hey, what the… ?! I turn my back on fandom for a few lousy decades and you kids go and politicize the whole thing? Worse, you can’t resist using the terminology, iconology and phraseology right out of the moldy play books of the political neanderthals on both sides of the aisle in the U.S. Congress? (My apologies to the original, much-maligned Neanderthals). News Flash: Fandom is supposed to be very different from the mundane world. And no, I don’t care who started it…. don’t make me come up there!

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