A dispatch from Fort Living Room

I ordinarily keep my family pictures private. I don’t share many of them on the internet. But in this instance, I think I’ll post one. That’s my wife Annie, my daughter Olivia, and me, back in 2008 — when we first moved into our (then) new house in Utah. As of the writing of these words, Annie and I have been married for over 21 years. We’re opposites in most ways. Personality opposites. Political opposites. And — apropos to this particular discussion — racial opposites. From the time we got married in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple in December of 1993, until now, it’s been an exercise in learning how to live together, cherish, and love one another, despite the differences. I’m proud of my wife. She’s not only smart, she’s got an enormous heart, I’ve never seen her judge people unfairly, and she’s never been afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. Of all the decisions I’ve ever made in my life, deciding to marry Annie was by far the best. She is my best friend. She is my lover. She is the mother of my child. She is, quite simply, the better part of everything that I hold dear and precious in this world.

Those of you who watch this space know that I’ve taken on a bit of a burden since January. It’s explicitly related to the field of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature, so I won’t bore anyone with all the long, nerdish details. Suffice to say, the Sad Puppies 3 project has brought me into the epicenter of a heated contest inside the field. It’s a very “inside baseball” affair. But today — thanks to the magic of the internet — it took on a much wider, much more personal dimension.

Because a blog “journalist” named Isabella Biedenharn — working beneath the banner of Entertainment Weekly — penned a short, error-laden article titled, “Hugo award nominations fall victim to misogynistic, racist voting.” The mistakes in the article could have been easily avoided if Isabella had done some research into the issue she was reporting on. Near as I can tell, Isabella was spoon-fed some links and a very rushed and sloppy narrative about Sad Puppies 3 being racist and woman-hating, and she posted all of this without stopping to consider whether or not anything she was disseminating into the wider world was true, and accurate.

The error-laden article quickly went viral — especially among opponents of Sad Puppies 3. Twitter (which I generally avoid and ignore) lit up like a Christmas tree, and quickly I had friends and other authors contacting me to say, “Entertainment Weekly has run a hatchet piece on you! Better jump on it!” So I read the piece. I noted the errors. I also noted that the piece made an explicitly inductive link between Sad Puppies 3 and last year’s great nerd controversy: GamerGate. The reasons for this were pretty obvious. Words like “racist” and “misogynist” are presently code for “not part of the human equation” thus any man or woman who can be successfully labeled these things, is cut off from polite circles, perhaps even driven out of the workplace, or worse. These words tend to be used as general-purpose ideological grenades, when the thrower of said grenades lacks sufficiently real evidence of wrong-doing — but wants to see the target squirm and suffer anyway.

An unadulterated version of the Isabella Biedenharn article can be found here.

The presently “corrected” version of the article — Entertainment Weekly made several alterations to the article, including its root URL, after myself and many others noted that the article was a) grossly in error and could also b) serve as grounds for libel litigation — can be viewed here.

But of course, by then, the damage had been done. Both myself and my colleague Larry Correia — who typed up a very good piece here — had been dragged through the digital mud. I count no less than a dozen different links which all picked up the error-laden Biedenharn piece, and ran with it sight-unseen; because of the blaring headline. Again, the spoon-fed in turn spoon-feed others. And whatever hope there might have been that facts could trump a narrative, was lost in the white noise of a not-so-subtle smear job.

I can’t say which individuals decided to launch the smear job. The internet moves at the speed of light and the 24 hour news cycle is forever hungry for new material; regardless of how bogus it might be. I suspect some of the insider SF/F people who dislike Sad Puppies 3 decided that the best way to “win” the insider baseball argument, was to stage a broader media flare-up for the sake of fatally discrediting the “poster people” of Sad Puppies 3. Namely, myself, and Larry Correia.

Now, I am a patient man. I’ve got a long fuse. But this tactic employed today . . . it’s on another level. This isn’t just nerds bickering anymore. Baseless, false allegations of this type can ruin careers as well as lives. We’ve seen this before. The internet has allowed yellow journalism and rumor-mongering to run riot. And I have to be honest. No lie told in the service of a supposedly higher cause, ever does justice to the higher cause. No matter how widely-spread the narrative. If the basis of the narrative is false, then the narrative itself is fatally undermined, and thus the arguments that form the building blocks of the narrative are themselves undermined.

Oh, I am sure this will blow over eventually. To Entertainment Weekly’s credit, they did take action — once myself and others explicitly told them that the Biedenharn article was a dreadfully poor piece of research. Frankly, I feel like Biedenharn herself owes myself and Larry Correia a public apology. That was shoddy reporting. And it’s potentially very damaging. I mean, if you’re going to play a role in somebody else’s effort to trash us, at least spend two minutes doing a little googling.

I understand that tabloid tactics make money, and that on the internet especially, journalistic integrity has become something of an oxymoron.

What disturbs me more is that the field of SF/F is stooping this low. That some of my colleagues — and no, contrary to my impression of the field 20 years ago, not everyone likes or gets along with each other — have decided to make the nerd argument over the Hugos into a decidedly personal grudge match. Where the objective is to not just win the argument, but to destroy the arguer. Professionally. In the marketplace. On the big stage of public opinion. This is the kind of stuff you ordinarily find in cut-throat national political elections, but then it’s been clear for years that cut-throat politics have drifted down into nerd circles of all kinds: comic book circles, movie and television circles, video game circles, etc. There’s simply no escaping it. And there are people for whom winning is more important than ethics, more important than integrity, and more important than the truth.

And the truth is, I’m not the dastardly guy Biedenharn’s piece makes me out to be. And neither is Larry Correia.

Am I concerned with the infestation of political correctness which has invaded SF/F over the last 15 years? You bet. Today’s ride on the media dunking machine was just another iteration in the near-endless attempts by the politically correct to enforce their views, with slander and falsehoods when it comes down to it. Our field is diseased. It has been struck by the same mental virus that has been permeating other sectors of our culture. As one astute and recovered victim put it, the new zealots are a cult who dwell in depression and anger, seeking the slightest excuses to lash out and make other people suffer:

There is something dark and vaguely cultish about this particular brand of politics. I’ve thought a lot about what exactly that is. I’ve pinned down four core features that make it so disturbing: dogmatism, groupthink, a crusader mentality, and anti-intellectualism.

Today, the crusader mentality decided to defame and slander Brad R. Torgersen the evil demonic racist and hateful sick bigoted misognynist.

As my friend Larry often quips, if I was half the bastard some of these crusaders say I am, I’d probably hate me too.

Alas, the crusader mentality has a tendency to invent evil where none exists. They forge effigies and ventriloquist dummies, crudely fashioned in the likeness of decent human beings, to which are ascribed all manner of idiocy, heinousness, wrong-doing, wrong-thinking, and evil. The internet hat pins are thrust into the digital voodoo dolls over and over and over, while the twitter and hashtag lemmings disperse out into the world, spreading falsehoods and slander as far as their keyboards can take them.

Look, I am pretty much a classical liberal. I keep my own counsel about things. I don’t like going with crowd-think. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I am slow to anger. Quick to forgive honest mistakes. And I have taken one of Larry Niven’s law’s to heart: there are minds which think as well as mine, just differently. I live with one of those minds every day. Have slept with her in the same bed for two decades. We produced an amazingly bright and creative daughter who is this crazy-quilt pastiche of both Annie and myself. I prize logic over emotion, where strong emotion is liable to fool us. And I think that most internet disagreements would probably be resolved in short order if the pugilists in any given fight could simply sit down face-to-face and talk like rational human beings.

Which might reflect a little naive hopefulness on my part. Because, clearly, the people who instigated today’s parade of falsehoods at Entertainment Weekly were not eager for reconciliation. This was straight-up character assassination. A slash-and-burn hit job. Aided and abetted by media devices which are programmed to seek and spread controversy, for the sake of clicks, likes, and money.

Is Sad Puppies 3 a terrible thing? It is if you ask the opponents of same.

Is Sad Puppies 3 hateful to women or ethnic minorities?

Only if you believe Sad Puppies 3 participants like Annie Bellet or Rajnar Vajra don’t count.

I think perhaps what some people (unused to the insider baseball of SF/F) might not be clear about, is that Sad Puppies 3 is not a thing invented to keep anyone off the Hugo ballot for demographic reasons. It was invented to (originally) poke fun at some tired predictabilities in the selection process, as well as scuttle the notion that the award was actually all about quality, when it’s more or less been a popularity and quasi-politicized contest the whole time. Along the way we fairly skewered the concept of literary affirmative action — that works and authors should be judged on the basis of author or character demographics and box-checking, not the audience’s enjoyment of the prose — so perhaps that’s where opponents of SP3 thought they found a toe-hold? And used it as best as they could to rope in a lot of outside media, in a clownish attempt to punish and discredit both Larry and myself.

Obviously, anyone who tries to make a coherent case for me being racist or sexist . . . has over 21 years of contradictory evidence to overcome. You cannot have lived my life, and be a racist or a sexist. It is an ontological impossibility. I’ve seen too much of the elephant, to borrow a phrase. Plus, my wife probably would have thrown me out on my butt a long time ago — she being the far more astute judge of character, than either a low-rent tabloid blogger or a pernicious and vindictive SF/F personality.

But really, when SF/F sinks to this depth, you know we’ve jumped a certain kind of unfortunate shark. Political correctness has gone to a place of destructive take-no-prisoners soul tyranny that could very well and permanently wreck this field; unless good men and women of conscience decide to stand up. I made the decision a long time ago that I wasn’t going to be one of those professionals who diplomatically skulks around the field, obsequiously trying to avoid controversy and not upset the bigger fish. Again, I’ve seen too much of the elephant. My career isn’t so important to me that I am willing to become an ideological chameleon, or cipher. Perhaps this has angered some people to the point they believe it’s time to “end” Torgersen once and for all? If so, I think that’s a very sad statement — about the vindictiveness that has overtaken the genre, among men and women who should probably be working hard to be friends.

Folks, until or unless political correctness is given the boot, this kind of stuff isn’t going to stop.

It won’t be just me getting the torch. It will be you too. You other authors, and you other fans. Political correctness has a bottomless stomach, and is red in tooth and claw. Even if you try to appease the beast, it will eat you eventually anyway.

Well, I hope I gave the beast indigestion for at least one day. Tomorrow, there will be new victim(s).

Meanwhile, I am content knowing that Fort Living Room — at least — remains comfy and secure. I had a great time with my wife and daughter tonight. It was a celebration on a small family scale. We laughed at episodes of Bob’s Burgers, and we had delicious chicken teriyaki, and we also watched talks from LDS General Conference. The Torgersens are not a complicated family. In fact, I’d say we’re like most other families in America. We try hard to live our lives and do well by others, believing that good karma always comes back to you. Even if life occasionally kicks you in the teeth.


  1. “What can Men do against such reckless hate?”

    “Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.”

    “For death and glory?”

    “For Rohan. For your people.”

    I would ride with you, whenever you ask. Not because of them, but because of YOU, Brad.

  2. But this tactic employed today . . . it’s on another level.

    It’s the level they’re most comfortable, however, Brad; the one where their preferred terrorist tactics and tendencies can most readily blossom into rancid, ruinous flower. Gollums gonna Gollum, ultimately.

    Neither you, nor Annie, nor Olivia have done anything to legitimately merit even so much as the merest scintilla of evil or opprobrium lobbed your way over all of this, Brad. I am devoutly sorry that lesser, graspingly self-entitled souls cannot see something so glaringly obvious as that, unaided. They are hollow things, pretending they are actually people.

    For what little it’s worth, you have both my admiration and my respect, in fullest and unstinting measure.

  3. “Only if you believe Sad Puppies 3 participants like Annie Bellet or Rajnar Vajra don’t count.”

    The women and minorities who don’t agree lockstep with the social justice warriors NEVER count.

    Just ask the fine people over at NotYourShield, which is the subgroup of GamerGate made up of minorities and women who were tired of being used as a shield for the journalists at the heart of the GamerGate controversy.

    They don’t count — as women, as LBGT people, as minorities, what have you — because they’re wrong. They have the wrong opinions, they have the wrong politics, they have the wrong allegiances, but since the SJWs idolize (I would go so far as say fetishize) these types, they obviously can’t disagree with the SJWs… so they’re confused. They’ve internalized the effects of misogyny or the patriarchy or rape culture or whatever buzzword hand grenade they’re using this week… so obviously these women and LGBTs and minorities have to be silent and let the glorious all knowing Social Justice Warriors — who are often straight or white or men, or any combination therein — speak over them.

    It’s really been interesting reading about Sad Puppies 3 and comparing this consumer revolt of sorts to the GamerGate consumer revolt. The two aren’t related (no matter what the SJWs wish) but the tactics the SJWs use to try and bully and suppress dissent and opposing (or even “insufficiently aligned”) viewpoints is quite enlightening.

    I can’t wait to see it happen again in a few months when the operation to start taking back comics from these nuts (“Sad Puppies in Berets?”) starts up.

  4. What I find genuinely illuminating is: if you sneak a quick, horrified gawk over at (say) MakingLight, their posters and commenters are all focused maniacally upon how to keep Hugos OUT of the hands of nominated contenders this year.

    Sad Puppies, by way of ready observation, is oriented towards getting Hugos INTO the hands of deserving writers and editors.

    They have no idea just how… deranged their communal droning of gross entitlement makes them look and sound, to anyone/everyone Not of the Hive. They couldn’t possibly.

    “Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. Ours. OursOursOursOursOursOursOURSOURSOOURSOURSOURSOURS — !!!”

  5. Well said. These hateful PC crusaders are truly fascists who want to silence everyone who is not them. Their behavior is disgusting. I’d say take it to court and make them pay for their slander. They will continue to spew their disgusting character assassination vitriol and slander if people don’t start taking legal action. They are only doing it cause they get away with it. You guys really need to take them to court and make them pay for damages caused by libel to put a stop to such behavior and discourage the other haters from following their tracks.

  6. You’re hitting right at the heart of it. The SJW movement has no principles or definitions of the words they claim to be so ardently against, like “racism,” “homophobia,” and “bigot.” What SJWs instead do is define anyone who pushes back against them as those things, no matter how racist, heterophobic and bigoted an SJW is. That’s why a cult of group defamation – which is the bedrock of what SJWs are – see themselves as fighting for social justice against a group which as a whole doesn’t indulge in group defamation. Of course one would have to use binding principle rather than power-privilege punching up theory to see that.

    “Saladin Ahmed @saladinahmed · 19h 19 hours ago In an unequal world, satire that ‘mocks everyone equally’ ends up serving the powerful.”

    “Feminist Frequency @femfreq · Oct 21 Parody and satire are tools which can be used to ‘punch up’ at the powerful or ‘punch down’ at the marginalized, reenforcing oppression.”

    “Feminist FrequencyVerified account ‏@femfreq 6h6 hours ago There’s no such thing as sexism against men. That’s because sexism is prejudice + power. Men are the dominant gender with power in society.”

    My… isn’t that convenient… if you’re a cult of liars.

    Here’s a clue these people have no true interest in what they claim. Let’s take “homophobia.” if a person is truly against that, then one would expect it is across the board and wherever you find it – end of story.

    Now let’s look at the cluster of nations globally which have the worst anti-homosexual laws and which in some instances include the death penalty. There are two such clusters. One is in the Islamic Middle East and N. Africa. The other is in non-Islamic sub-Saharan Africa. So what do SJWs do? Those are the very clusters SJWs CONSPICUOUSLY leave alone.

    So Brad breaks with SJWs and in total disregard of reality, he then defaults to racist, homophobic and sexist. Meanwhile, Islam and Africa disappear into a memory hole.

    Lesson: SJWs are liars. They lie every time they open their mouths.

    “Cora Buhlert ‏@CoraBuhlert Apr 2 @eilatan @booksmugglers Classic tactic. ‘I can’t be racist, my wife/girlfriend is POC’”

    You can’t win with these morons; you really can’t.

  7. I have to say that watching the Nielsen Haydens rage-quitting the Hugos is pretty amusing.

    Beautiful family, Brad. Love radiates from that picture.

  8. I’m so sorry these twits tried out some character assassination on you, mate. Really unfair. If you disagree with someone, play the ball, not the man!
    Hope you’re going okay,
    Jason Fischer

  9. Brad, well said and much more measured and nicer than I would have done had I been in your place. You have been a gentleman throughout all this, no matter what attacks they have thrown at you. I, like so many others, stand at your side, shoulder to shoulder, and ready to carry the banner so you can rest. I appreciate all the work you have done, not only with regard to SP3 but to help bring our field back to the readers. Well done, sir, well done. Now hug your family and know that we have your flank and your back and our scouts are ranging out in front to get the lay of the land. As I told my son when he was growing up — don’t start a fight without good cause, and it had better be a damned good cause. But, when the fight breaks out, be prepared to finish it. What the other side doesn’t realize is that we are prepared to finish this fight. They know not what sort of sleeping giant they have awakened.

  10. >>>It’s the Judgment of King Solomon story, come to SF/F.

    Somebody should write that.

    I’m too young to have flashbacks to the 1950’s, but I could swear in the last two days I heard someone shouting at someone else – “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party?” And the funny thing was that I’m pretty sure that both of the people would use “McCarthy” as a swear word.

  11. Good column, sir.

    Keep this up, and we may have to nominate you for Best Fan Writer next year.

  12. Brad, you’re the nice one in this side of science fiction. There’s a reason you’re described as a care bear with a flame thrower. You’re incredibly even tempered, even in the midst of this. It’s something I respect and would kind of like to emulate.

    The problem is, I consider you and Larry “my” people.

    Nobody fucks with my people.


  13. I don’t normally get involved in stuff like this, but what is happening here makes me ill. I’m sorry you, Larry, and the others are being slandered like this. I wanted to express my support for you as people.

  14. I felt nauseated when I read the EW hitpiece. I would be delighted to know which shitstain fed the incompetent journalist those talking points – you can never go wrong to know which of one’s enemies would stoop so low. Your restraint and calm are commendable – I will try to emulate them.

  15. You know what? To win this, all we need to is stand back and let the other side just overplay their hand. Because they will; attacking and attacking is all they know how to do.

  16. Calling the EW piece “shoddy reporting” is an insult to both “shoddy” and “reporting”–it was so bad that it was an insult to actual practitioners of shoddy reporting. The person who appropriated the title of “reporter” should be sent back to journalism school, and her “editor” should go with her.

    That f&sf fans have always bickered is undeniable. But I never saw concerted efforts to destroy anyone’s career before the “SJW” clique came into the field.

  17. I tweeted a link to this article to K Tempest Bradford herself. She’ll ignore it or block me or both, but I figured what the hell. After her ugly rant yesterday, what do I care what she thinks?

  18. Beautiful family, Brad, and … more than that… you all look so happy.

    Most of the photos one sees of the opponents of this whole thing, they don’t look happy.

    They’re always trying to look smug, or smart, or trying to convey an emotion that isn’t happy. The closest would be amused.

    You’ve proven to the sane that you are not what they accuse you of. Maybe to some, it’s a bit of a ‘wait, I was wrong,’ and they might stop and think. The social justice zealots though, the ones who are howling for No Award, the ones constantly fretting about whether or not Jim Butcher or Kevin Anderson were ‘asked’?

    This sadly won’t make them stop; if nothing they’ll probably start attacking and making fun of your daughter and wife, mocking how they look, and issuing threats. Because you’re ‘the enemy’ now. Everything is acceptable to them, everything is ‘okay’ to use against you – the fact that they pretty much went completely and totally berserk makes that clear. They have already moved to begin the methods of destruction they have used so often of late with far less provocation. I mean, just look at the sheer unadulterated hatred they sling on Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, and many, many others. To them, you’re already ‘less than human.’ That’s why the projective accusations started, the screaming that ‘we’ will be the ones doxxing and SWATting – but they’re the ones who started the escalation with destructive accusations. That’s why they ask if Butcher and Anderson and the others ‘agreed’ to be on the SP3 slate. Because if the answer is ‘yes’ then the destruction will not spare them. They’re reportedly already starting to harass some of the people on the slate.

    They’re the ones who have taken this to the next level.

    I’m the mother in a biracial family, but that means nothing to these people who supposedly want to ‘help’ women, non-Caucasians, the ‘downtrodden’; because I’ve ‘escaped’ the mental and ideological plantation (I actually never was there.) That’s reason enough for some of the more rabid to issue threats; and you’re lucky because you live in a country where you can arm yourself pre-emptively for self defense. As someone who’s had to listen to repeated threats against my own children by someone demented enough to think that my politics justified those threats, you never stop fearing, that one day, some crazy out there will have let your address slip to people who are more than willing to do you and yours harm. I’ve had to deal with one demented stalker already; you may end up with more.

    As someone who’s been the child in danger of being made an example of (my father was a journalist with ethics back during the Marcos Era) I better understand now the fear, and wonder at how my parents didn’t crumble, didn’t decide to just keep their heads down and hope that this would pass someday, or just work to survive, in the terror that perhaps Dad would suddenly disappear, or my mother would be snatched, or that the whole family meets ‘unfortunate accidents’. And, really, as bad as it was, this kind of fear was worse in other places – China and the Soviet Union spring to mind.

    I’m not saying to be quiet. My dad didn’t go quiet. I didn’t cave either, still haven’t.

    I’m just saying “brace yourself.”

    The ride’s gonna get bumpy.

  19. The article in EW is an distrusting example of journalism. But I say a pox on both your houses. Conservatives created the monster that they are using to tar all liberals with. There have been cultural warriors around a lot longer than there have been social justice warriors. Now we have tit for tat slates ruining the HUGOS. You could make the argument they were already ruined but it just leaves people like myself stuck in the middle. Reactionary and counter reactionary fighting it out to see how many people they can tar and feather. This did not just start yesterday. But because of mass media both sides now have the bully pulpit do ensure mutual assured destruction. I wish both sides could step back and see the view from the others perspective. But that will never happen. It is too easy to rally your troops against the enemy whether it be oppressive social justice warriors or oppressive cultural warriors. Both want to control what you think and do and could care less the people they hurt along the way.

  20. I’m not a member of the SF/F community. Actually had to think back for a couple of seconds to realize what “SF/F” even meant. With that said, I see this kind of hatchet journalism all too often. There’s no room for facts. Emotion and the Almighty Dollar rule the day. Sad. I may have to check out Sad Puppies 3, though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, here.

  21. Regarding the standard SJW obliviousness to any of their opponents who are not straight white cis able males (I’m sure I’m leaving out a category or ten, but I’m not sure even they can do the full list), the term they use for that is “erasure”. It’s one of the few phrases they love that I find useful: they happily erase gay, trans, disabled, female POC who “derail” their narrative, which is why, in gamergate, they ignore #notyourshield or pretend despite the evidence that it’s only sockpuppetry.

  22. Core SFF is a dying artifact, an artistic dead end. It doesn’t ask any literary questions but ones of race and gender and so it shouldn’t be any surprise that’s what you end up with. It also possesses all the classic hallmarks of a hate group. As bizarre as that sounds, it’s true.

    The ideological core of this movement hates everything that made SFF successful and they make no secret about that: they hate Heinlein and Tolkein, they hate Lovecraft and Howard, they hate Golden Age SF. Everyone knows the very word “Hugo” stands for everything SJWs hate and that the award today is far more a reflection of an award called the “Butler.” At least ideologically, they hate men, whites and heterosexuals. They despise the West and Christians. The fact the vast majority of them would never actually live outside the West or among Muslims escapes their vast intellects.

    Other than making fun of SJWs like The Blues Brothers made fun of neo-Nazis, there is no value in running with these folks. Make a separate award, perhaps rotate it among blogs at first and then attach it to a convention, or several conventions. Call it the “Burroughs,” the single most influential writer of American SFF and also one who dates from the very beginning of our genre. SJWs hate him too; at least the worst of them do.

    If Seanan McGuire wants a safe space, let her have it, and “feminist jazz hands” too, so she doesn’t have a fainting spell. If Fabio Fernandes wants to sit down in Brazil and bitch about whites and “Anglophone” SFF, and “cultural appropriation” while appropriating my lit, let him. Let Sofia Samatar, Mikki Kendall, Jaymee Goh and K. Tempest Bradford moan about being “marginalized” in a “white supremacy” of “sour dough-faced” “cracka ass cracka” “mansplaining” neckbearded dudebros all they want. Let Scalzi promote his dipshitted mascot man-loving band “The Doubleclicks” and lord it over his sheep. Let them have endless panels about diversity and all their other crazy bullshit all they want.

    The psychotic Requires Hate and her hunter can feud over white male corpses and the two Abi’s can bitch and moan and Leckie and Hurley can compete to see which is more likely to get punched or dragged behind a truck in the sad Patriarchy of heteronormative sexuality they find themselves haplessly trapped in.

    We don’t need them for jack shit. They don’t produce anything anyone really wants. They are not part of an evolving literary movement but one that hopes to abolish gender. Eventually they’ll go the way of the fuck-all who believes arrogant white men should come with trigger warnings and who has publicly claimed her job forces her to read white men and they’ll stop using “he/she” in stories. Think I’m kidding? Today one of them is Tweeting bullshit about “‘How to Be Cis” with “Gender-neutral alternatives to ladies/gentlemen,” “Sir” and “Miss,” “Mrs.” and “Mrs.” Aside from hating us, that’s what these morons consider important. They’re a pack of fucking lunatics. They exist only in the glow of their hatred and disdain for us. That’s why they go berserk when anything gets in between them and their prey.

    Think of how many of these voices wouldn’t even exist were it not for whining about white men. Think how many awards they’ve been nominated for just for attacking white men night and day. That’s how they get their rocks off; they’re unprincipled sociopaths.

    Well, let’s do what Ray Bradbury proposed in his story where black folks leave for Mars. His sarcastic lesson was that some white supremacists only existed on their own hatred. Take away the reason for that hatred and they’d be bereft and empty.

    Let’s go to Barsoom. Trust me, “The Other Shoe” will drop. We’ll say no. These people do not exist without us. We exist without them. If we actually did go to Mars, what would they do? If you asked the 100 worst of them to not write about straight white men for one year they couldn’t do it – they would cease to exist and wouldn’t know what to to with themselves – and yet we’ve done that equivalent for almost a century.

  23. Such an unhappy bunch over there…Brad, you’re a gentleman–a phrase and an ideal lost to the current generation. Of course they’d go after you in any way possible–unleashing the mob is the standard tactic. What people who practice that tactic don’t realize is that the targets sometimes will laugh in their faces, and their friends will gather around them with solemn resolve. It’s starting all over–the SJW crowd thinks bigotry was the only reason for contributions to the Pizza people. It wasn’t bigotry at all–it was the silent majority rising up against the idea that people could be *forced* into a viewpoint by fear–fear of the howling masses, fear of destruction of property, fear of public shaming, fear of retribution. Some will retreat in the face of that kind of pressure, and often it’s because they feel alone in the spotlight of all that hate. Some, like you and Larry? Know that it doesn’t matter if you stand alone or in a group–what they’re doing is WRONG, and backing down just encourages it to continue. There’s a wall here–not a line in the moveable sand, not wishy-washy situational ethics. You get that. So do your friends. We’re here, we’re not backing down, no matter what they throw–because ultimately, principled stands with clarity of thought and purpose will win the day. And the hardest part for the howling hordes? We really don’t care if they hate us–because we’re not externally referenced, needing approval from the mobs to exist. Let us bask in the company of good men and women, party in our silly shirts, and be joyful!

  24. Brad, I will be attending Sasquan. If you’re going, It would be an honor to meet you and shake your hand.

  25. One of the telling things about the SJW (and offshoots) movement is that they seem to consistently refer to people as “things,” or identify them as a part of a group, but very rarely as individuals. To them, Brad is white, and male, and hetero, and therefore _must_ adhere to their preconceived notion of what a “white redneck” (interchangeable usage) behaves like. Social interaction with white male hetero members of their community results in the impression that they are apologetic for their existence – there must be some serious internal conflicts going on – mental illness waiting to happen.

    Theirs is a very simple world. Very binary. That’s an easy view to push, because simple concepts are easier to impart. Especially when they are repeated over and over, as part of the classic “big lie” strategy.

  26. I appreciate the unintended effect of their ill-aimed fire at you and the others from SP3. I hadn’t noticed any of your work previously and just finished buying several books off amazon to enjoy reading. Thank you!
    Unrelated envy, just was out in Utah for work, lovely state and mountains! Best regards.

  27. Tempest and her pals dogpiled me on Twitter. She dismissed this blogpost as “hate speech” while freely admitting she hadn’t read it.

  28. Arik, there is no middle, you must fight. Remember the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger: “RUN GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!”

  29. You have handled this whole mess with Tact and Class. As an amateur writer I want to thank you for taking up the torch and exposing the vile den of vampires that has a strangle hold on this wonderful genre. The reactions to the sp slate from the other side exposed them for the vile creatures that they are. People on the fence like myself are finally seeing the truth. After seeing the evil posted by editors from TOR I can’t even bare to read stuff on that site, it grosses me out. Once again thank you.

  30. “Hey Sparky ‏@sparkymonster 6m6 minutes ago @caldodge @tinytempest @CChupik @PrinceJvstin people can be in interracial relationships & have multi-racial children & be racist”

    “Christopher Chupik ‏@CChupik 4m4 minutes ago @sparkymonster @caldodge @tinytempest @PrinceJvstin Sorry, but that is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my life.”

    “K Tempest Bradford ‏@tinytempest 27s27 seconds ago @CChupik @sparkymonster @caldodge @PrinceJvstin misogynists marry women all the time.”


    Go see the rest yourself, cuz it is precious, as in precioussssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  31. I didn’t intend to get stuck in a Twitter quagmire, honest. But I couldn’t let the libeling of a friend go unanswered.

  32. I’ve been following this loosely for a couple years, but never really intended to vote or buy in.
    Then I started being attacked for not being some sort of quasi-gender self hating slug, simply for being on Larry’s facebook and wishing him good luck.
    When I say attacked I mean verbally assaulted on the ground of my Gender, Ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Told repeatedly that I’m some sort of monster because I prefer to read books I can identify with and actually enjoy, instead of slog through like some sort of literary self flagellation ritual.

    That EW article is the last fucking straw. Larry and Brad joke about not caring if anyone hates them, make jokes about the way they are treated and dragged through the mud, but it’s bullshit.
    Larry has been awesome to anyone I’ve ever seen publicly address him with the exception of those whom decide to randomly attack him for his views.
    Hell, I’ve never seen a writer treat his fans better, and more like friends than he does. He treats people with the respect they give him and fights for what he believes in.
    I don’t agree with everything he says, (being an atheist, among other things) and disagree with him regularly, but he’s never once bashed me for it.

    Sorry for the rant, you have my 40 bucks. I’ll start reading through the nominees and vote for whatever fucking books I want. I don’t need anyone’s fucking permission to like what I like.

    (I posted this on Larry’s article as well)
    The same applies to you Brad. Somehow as decent fucking human beings we manage to disagree completely on a lot of things while still respecting and appreciating the others view, instead of tearing at each other like animals.
    Sorry for all the cursing, I’m just pissed.
    I respect you and your work, and the way you treat your fans. I hate seeing people I respect trashed, especially undeservedly.
    Tell your lovely wife that your fans aren’t going to take you having your integrity dragged through the mud lying down.

  33. Should K Tempest be writing another book? It’s been three years since the last one. And, no, I didn’t mean that snarkily. I’ve seen plenty of the prominent Twitter warriors talk more about writing than actually doing it.

  34. Some back-story, messaged Brad after reading Chaplain’s War. We went back and forth a bit talking about the book, I mentioned I was an atheist. We talked a bit more. (Amazing book, by the way. Read it in a day)

    Relevant part below.

    Somehow as decent fucking human beings we manage to disagree completely on a lot of things while still respecting and appreciating the others view, instead of tearing at each other like animals.
    Sorry for all the cursing, I’m just pissed.
    I respect you and your work, and the way you treat your fans. I hate seeing people I respect trashed, especially undeservedly.
    Tell your lovely wife that your fans aren’t going to take you having your integrity dragged through the mud lying down.
    You’ve got my support, feeble as it is, at least.

  35. In the midst of all this agita, the editor in me is cringing at your use of the phrase “myself and others”, when it should be “I and others”. Just take out the “and others” part and you’ll see what I mean.

    What pisses me off about all this is that I’m a straight white female who writes space opera involving people of color — where do I land on the SJW radar? No, wait, I don’t care. While I am well aware of Heinlein’s and Tolkien’s faults, I’m a grownup who can look past that to the real value of their writing.

  36. You’re a grownup who can understand the context of previous generations and find value in their work?

    There’s no place for you in modern SF, I’m afraid.

  37. You’re entitled to your own view, but I don’t think it’s helpful to call black people “racially opposite” from white people. It’s different, sure, but opposite? That strikes me as an unfortunate way to characterize things.

    I didn’t read most of this, since the Sad Puppies thing doesn’t interest me. However, you said that you are not a racist or a sexist. Okay. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to ever have a racist or sexist thought or to ever commit and action or expression that is racist or sexist.

    In short: You don’t have to “be a racist” to do something that is racist.

    To be clear: I’m not accusing you of racism or sexism. I’m just saying you should think about these issues in a broader fashion.

  38. Brad, thank you for the wonderful article, and for sharing your beautiful family. I am sorry you are going through all of this, but I must confess I am glad you are willing to do so. I have been a lifelong rabid SFF fan and Gamer. And I have been astonished watching these two communities slowly be taken over by the ever encroaching SJW’s until they finally snapped and began a massive push back. It blows my mind watching the exact sales things go down in both communities wholly independently. The tactics and rhetoric used by the SJW’s is exactly the same. The patern they fall into the same. The vindictive breed of fascist speech and thought control the same, and their astonishing ability to influence the main stream media the same. (Yeah, about that EW article and how it saw print. I would start looking under the sofa cushions for a colluding journalist mailing group ala ” GameJournoPros” ).

    At the end of the day I suspect the real fight to free ourselves from the oppressive exploitive SJW thought police will be to not simply push back against the mainstream press, but to trigger a revolt and consumer pushback within them, much the same as Sad Puppies and Gamergate. A final movement of all the “misogynistic racist Cisco’s sexual hetero” whatever other “ism” they can throw at us, people who just want a fair and truthful press without agendas or the Oppresion olympics. Just research the truth.

    Thank you for fighting for all of us. For everyone to have a voice, and to be allowed to think for themselves. At the end of the day that, more than anything, is what these movements are all about. (So when can we expect your Law & Order Episode to air? )

  39. Oh joy, another concern troll.

    How about you show where Brad had a racist or sexist thought or act before you start preaching.

    I’m freaking sick of people like you, always telling people that we’re guilty just because.

  40. Hi Brad. I’m completely new to the Sad Puppies campaign, although I’ve been a SF fan for decades. I came to the story by way of GamerGate, and although the two have nothing to do with each other I’m glad the EW chose to conflate the two. Analytics have suggested that there are possibly as many as 200k gamers who have participated in GamerGate. (It’s tough to pin down good estimates because SJWs have made a concerted effort to harass and threaten those doing actual data analysis.) Gamers and game developers are often fantasy and science fiction fans. I suspect your opponents have just made a huge tactical error.

    Gamers in GamerGate, for the crime of asking for better journalistic standards and an end to censorship of the medium, have endured months of sustained slander. I’m seeing in the tag on Twitter a great deal of sympathy that you folks are enduring the same thing. If it wasn’t before, I think your cause is now our cause.

    I’ve never participated in fandom or voted for nominations before. Thanks to this hit piece, that’s going to change. Here’s to new allies. Keep up the fight!

  41. “What pisses me off about all this is that I’m a straight white female who writes space opera involving people of color — where do I land on the SJW radar?”

    From what I can tell, they call that “cultural appropriation”.

    Don’t have any people of color in your fiction? Racist.
    Do have people of color in your fiction? “Cultural appropriation”, therefore also racist.

  42. Christopher M. Chupik says:

    Tempest and her pals dogpiled me on Twitter. She dismissed this blogpost as “hate speech” while freely admitting she hadn’t read it.

    I wouldn’t characterize that conversation (which Mr. May has already documented as me being a part of) as dogpiling, Chris. And you “weren’t alone on your side”, either.

    Tempest firmly didn’t want to engage due to prior experience here, its true. You tried, she didn’t buy. But dogpiling? Hardly.

    On the other hand, Mr. Dodge’s capstone to the conversation should be noted. No one went for a personal attack on anyone else in that exchange, until he decided to call her a racist.

    I call foul.

  43. I’m sorry this happened to you, Brad. The internet can be a jungle, filled with malicious gossip and rumors. I hope the author of that article apologized to you.

  44. However, you said that you are not a racist or a sexist. Okay. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to ever have a racist or sexist thought or to ever commit and action or expression that is racist or sexist.

    So, so tiresome.

    Reading SF for the past 50 years taught me early on the trick of being able to see things through the POV of someone/something completely and utterly alien in nature… but, my hand to God: trying to imagine what daily existence must be for someone like you — flinching and spluttering on cue at each and every imaginary “trigger” or “microaggression”; automatically viewing other human beings not as people, first and foremost, but as ambulatory check marks on a grey government form fetishistically listing SJW-approved gradients of Race and Gender and Sexual Preference — leaves me both faintly nauseated and nonplussed, in roughly equal measure.

    Go peddle your passive-aggressive wares someplace where the rubes are still buying.

  45. Brad, thanks for all that you are doing and have done.

    Having read the comments, I do have to ask if you have contacted the local police to let them know that you may be subject to a SWATing? The people you are confronting are absolutley capable of it and I would hate for you and your family to go through that.

  46. I found it interesting that Tempest Bradford seems to assume this blogpost was about her, when it wasn’t. But then, if she insists on not reading things, she will make many false assumptions based on her lack of knowledge.

  47. Should K Tempest be writing another book?

    What has the world ever done to you, that you should despise it so…? 😉

  48. I would have been happy if she read the post and ignored the comments if it made her feel better. I mean, I’ve read plenty of stuff from the other side. I want to be sure. I want to know and not just assume I know what they’re thinking. Sometimes I’m even surprised.

  49. I am nearly convinced that it is now “War to the knife, and the knife to the hilt”. After all, that is what the SJW’s WANT. They just don’t realize how bad they actually are at it, and how good we are when we finally relax our self-restraint.

  50. Problem is that SP3 is associated with Vox Day. It’s almost like Isabelle was writing about Rabid Puppies instead of Sad Puppies.

  51. @Chris. I don’t know Dodge from the Tweet battle earlier, but he replied to tiny tempest’s not so veiled racist label with a direct reply. In Weimer’s eyes, that makes him the bad guy, and tiny gets a pass.

    Now she is making comments, ‘appropro of nothing whatsoever’, about marginalized people hooking up with racists. Purest coincidence that it comes out in the same day that Brad shares the picture of his family. Let’s see if Paul calls that out. Suuuuuuuure.

  52. Mr. Torgersen,

    You continually impress me. You are living the model of a man, and a human being, worthy of respect and emulation.

    Thank you.

  53. “Hey Sparky ‏@sparkymonster 6m6 minutes ago @caldodge @tinytempest @CChupik @PrinceJvstin people can be in interracial relationships & have multi-racial children & be racist”

    “K Tempest Bradford ‏@tinytempest 27s27 seconds ago @CChupik @sparkymonster @caldodge @PrinceJvstin misogynists marry women all the time.”

    Paul Weimer, if you can’t make the connection between those lines of thought and the insult, the “personal attack” — well perhaps it’s just too subtle for you.

    I can’t blame you for calling foul. You’re standing hip deep in it.

  54. The inestimable Mr. Wright unloads — in his sweetly lethal way — upon a foolish little SJW invertebrate who happened to scuttle too close:

    In Which a Morlock Chides Me

    Come for the exquisite prose; stay for the curb-stomping. 😉

  55. Just another heads up, following the GamerGate comparisons from earlier.

    Early in GamerGate a bunch of connected SJWs colluded to put out a narrative, which came to be known as “Gamers are Dead” — a series of about 15 articles, all posted around the same day to wildly different websites, all opinion hit pieces claiming that Gamers are all just entitled white men who are mad that minorities are trying to invade their secret club, or something thereabout. It turned out that this was intentionally being spread as part of a narrative by a mailing list of journalists at the heart of the scandal — GameJournoPros.

    Without this GamerGate likely wouldn’t have really taken off — people don’t like being lied to, especially to their face, and they especially don’t like being preached by entitled fools who are transparently screaming “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

    I mention this because you guys now have your “Gamers are Dead” scandal. It’s “Scifi fans are bigoted straight white men.”


    The SJWs are literally playing by the exact same script. Hell, it’s the same exact publishers, with Gawker being there, the Guardian, what have you. I haven’t compared authors but it wouldn’t surprise me to find out at all that it’s some of the same names behind the GaD crap. These people are so used to being able to scream “RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBE!!!” into a room and getting everyone in said room to give them whatever they want that they literally have no other idea how to act.

  56. I’m going to write a personal response, because I saw a link to this from my friend Michael Brossack. I am always on deadline (today for 3 projects) and while the heated situation is “everywhere” at present, I wanted to say that this is a wonderful picture, Brad. A beautiful picture of true love. Regarding this statement also: “and that the award today is far more a reflection of an award called the “Butler.””

    I was never privileged to meet Octavia Butler, if this is to whom the comment refers. I certainly was aware of her writing and loved it. I have a copy of the original Clarion anthology from the first year in which one of her stories appears. Her story “Bloodchild” in Asimovs was what inspired me to continue to write sci fi stories. This was after I’d confessed my interest to my boyfriend Pete the engineer, and he’d said, “But you have to be smart to write science fiction!” Bzzzt. I guess I’m out then! In the issue of Asimovs in which “Bloodchild” was the amazing cover story, was also a heartfelt essay that encouraged young, aspiring writers to apply to the Clarion SF Writers Workshop (then at MSU), written by my lifelong friend and mentor Algis Budrys. Algis, to mention only one of the wonderful writers, editors and mentors I’ve been so fortunate to know, was a gifted, highly insightful writer who wrote searing indictments of the Cold War mentality. He wrote in one of his books for me, “Orphans is orphans and we understand each other.” This was years after Clarion and after even so much time – he remembered. It was he who read a passage I’d written back then out loud to the group, and said, “If you can write like this all the time, you can write anything.” It was about a little girl, playing on a swing. So I quit for eight years, thinking “This writing isn’t practical. I need to go to work at a good paying job to support my family.”

    When I started again, I remembered what A.J. had said. I felt like I’d turned my back on him, and also on Harlan Ellison, who also held up the standard for what I should do, how honest I should be, how I should not compromise.

    Now, I am in the position where I should be to others, what A.J., Harlan, Jim Blaylock, and Carol Bly and Jerry Brooks (not sci fi writers) and so many others did for me. I went to Clarion (little did I know that Algis’ article which I found so heartfelt and encouraging was written because they were short on applicants that year and had to make up the quota!) with help from Andre Norton, who would each year, ask if there were any attending the workshop who needed financial help. I showed up in Michigan with $20 in my pocket for the whole 8 weeks. I had a manual typewriter. Others had word processors. And money. One day, I collected cans around campus and went with my friend Danny Shea to turn them in. Foolishly, I’d crushed them and they wouldn’t accept them. We returned to our residence hall and I started bawling. I not only wanted to quit the whole thing, all I wanted to do was go home, back to California. Harlan Ellison took me in, sat me down and gave me a good talking-to in the way only he can. Then, he gave me $20, a ceramic frog, and a box of Hydrox cookies, which he explained were “better than Oreos.”

    Pretty sure 90% of you don’t know who I am from a hole in the wall. And that is just fine with me.

    See, it doesn’t matter what somebody says about Octavia Butler’s work. She did what a writer is supposed to do. Yes, she was in a small group of one at the time she did it, and for most of her life. I am pretty sure she must have been very excited to have that big cover story in Asimovs, with artwork illustrating “Bloodchild.” I know that feeling. It’s incredible. It lasts … gee whiz … at least half an hour. It can be refreshed slightly by looking at the artwork again from time to time. I know she must have been very gratified and appreciative when she received the MacArthur Genius grant. It is a generous $50,000 prize. And she did – let’s be realistic – a type of work which is seldom very well-rewarded. She may have been the groundbreaking black female sci fi writer, but any type of sci fi writer – unless they are the brilliant business mind that is Kevin Anderson – that’s not exactly the type of dough that’s going to pay for stays at the Ritz Carlton or dinner at the Four Seasons.

    What matters right here, is this picture. I am true to Brad because he is a true writer, a true friend, and a true father and husband. That’s what life is all about. Some of us are given this charge, whether we want it or not. Whether we’re brave enough to persist and persevere, like Octavia Butler, or like Algis Budrys, or we’re big whining crybabies like me, who’ll consider throwing in the towel because the man won’t take our crushed soda cans for a few dollars.

    I’m a little braver now. Probably not much.

  57. I wanted to thank you for continually showing grace and dignity in the face of hate and lies.

    I wasn’t surprised at the backlash–for some reason people refuse to see the facts that are in front of them and choose to be offended over anything and everything, but I was shocked at the depth and breadth of the vitriol. One of the things that drives me crazy is they either won’t or can’t see that they are the ones spewing racism, sexism, hatred, and intolerance. All in the name of universal acceptance and diversity. Pity that diversity seems to be only skin deep these days.

  58. I’m amused, but not surprised, that Sparky and Tempest have forgotten the meaning of miscegenation.

  59. Will Shetterly, based on behavior and argument I’m not confident they know enough history to have ever known it.

  60. Paul Weiner – then you’re completely oblivious. Your side, the people with whom you have chosen to align yourself play by the rules of “guilty until proven innocent,” and nobody is ever declared innocent. They use race and gender to verbally bludgeon those who disagree with them as an immediate reaction.

    If you can’t understand why attacking Brad Torgersen as a sexist, racist pig is not only ludicrous but libelous… then good riddance. People as blind as you are not worth the time we give you.

    Just remember this if you ever do piss off the wrong people and your own tactics are turned against you. People like me, who find the internet to be an amusing pastime? Yeah, you’ll eventually find someone who’s not that forgiving.

  61. @Will: Lend them some back issues of Captain Confederacy. THAT should set their skulls to popping. 😉

  62. It has! 🙂 They tend to do their usual thing and ignore work like it that doesn’t easily fit their reality.

  63. Is Sad Puppies 3 a terrible thing?

    No. I took it as a “sample ballot”, like the ones I get at the polls in November. A recommend reading list, if you will. I read what I could. Some I liked, others not as much. I even read some of the suggests that Vox put out, again some I liked, others not as much. I nominated works based on my opinion. Period. As I told one person who was snipping, I could not care less about the author’s race, gender, or orientation – I forgot to add religion.

    Is Sad Puppies 3 hateful to women or ethnic minorities?

    No. -My actual response cannot be repeated in public. ;-)-

    I don’t have the verbal skill or respect that Mr. Wright has and am far less out-spoken than Mr. Correia, but I am trying to add my quiet voice to the roar, speaking from my own perspective.

    (btw, adorable photo.) –sending long-distance hugs from the east coast—

    asterling says:
    “I am pretty sure she must have been very excited to have that big cover story in Asimovs, with artwork illustrating “Bloodchild.”

    I read that story when it first came out. Awesome job. I still remembered enough of it **cough** years later that I recognized it as a source for a filk song. Looked it up and re-read it; still an awesome story.

    Larry Niven is a really nice guy. I was honored to meet him at the one and only con I have ever attended back in the last 90’s. He kindly signed a book I had just won when I ran into him in the hall. ((Gave a inspiring talk on the Delta Clipper.))

  64. Apparently you owe an apology…. for being TOO SUCCESSFUL.

    Van Aaron Hughes I have no idea what you mean, Robert. LJLW suggested Brad didn’t realize how successful the Puppies would be at dominating the entire ballot. If that wasn’t his intention, then he should be offering a mea culpa and vowing not to do it again. Otherwise, LJLW’s assertion that Brad didn’t realize how well his scheme would work doesn’t mean anything to me.

    1 hr · Like

    Robert Ries I don’t understand. Why should anyone owe an apology for being more successful that anticipated?

    Sad Puppies was/is a movement of two parts.
    a. Publicize good writing and offer it up for consideration for awards.
    b. A Voter Registration Drive for the Hugo’s.

    Being successful at either needs no apologies.

    5 mins · Like

  65. I wasn’t involved in SF fandom discussions before this blew up. I want to thank you for raising the issue of ‘mission-based writing’, which I have frequently encountered and which makes me feel excluded from genre. This includes:

    1. Mediocre short stories where the whole ‘story’ is a trite message, such as ‘oppression is bad’ (does anyone disagree?)
    2. Female characters who are lauded as *strong* while actually being sociopathic
    3. Gratuitous name-checking of social justice or cultural tropes, such as Muslim dress, with no understanding of the ethics/meaning of faith to believers or culture to people brought up in them
    4. The reduction of characters to their sexuality/race/gender, especially in utopian SF settings where we should have really moved on from agonising about this stuff. Fred the astronaut is more than *gay* – he’s a courageous rounded character with a story to tell who just happens to bunk down with guys. Please don’t tell me in Line One of the story that he’s gay. Tell me that he’s an ace starship pilot or he’s kind to animals
    5. Very very boring *experimental* fiction that is only interesting to other writers, and only on a technical level. Stereotypically, the entire story is written in second-person stream-of-consciousness

    I am a woman who, if I was a social justice campaigner, would probably self-define as kinky genderqueer bisexual. My politics is old left (Marxist) and humanist with a strong liberal bent.

    I have, for the first time, signed up to be a supporter of the Hugos. I will judge everything I read on merit, but I feel there’s a real debate to be had here… Just by punking the Hugos, you’ve shown that a small number of people can have a disproportionate effect on a prestigious award. Thank you.

  66. I am so proud to call you my friend.

    Your not only a great Science Fiction writer, but a great human being, I consider myself concervative and so many public “liberals” catch my ire. But you as a “Clasic Liberal” help me to see the strengths of our diferences, to broaden my concept of human political and emotional interations. I am proud to call you Brother, friend and one of my favorite “new” authors.

    Thank you for your example and you willingness to stand up to bullies…


    Matthew Emmett Townsend

  67. This is the same garbage that Sabrina Rubin Erdely pulled with her Rolling Stone article: push an agenda, facts and truth be damned.

    I consider myself a liberal, but I’m becoming ashamed that these disgusting tactics are becoming more and more “allowable” by other various self-avowed liberals because “there are no bad tactics, just bad targets”. I may not agree with the anti-gay sentiments of certain SF writers like Orson Scott Card, but I do agree that he has the freedom to believe what he wants, the freedom to speak about these beliefs, and the freedom to make a living as a writer. I want a writer’s book to earn an award based on the quality of said book, not because he had the “correct” opinions and knows the “right” people. Society is in danger of repeating the McCarthy communist witchhunts, except it’s the extreme left running the show instead of the extreme right.

    BTW – if anyone wants to accuse me of being a right-wing racist homophobe: I’m gay, 1/2 Mexican, 1/2 Native American, disabled, and I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Come at me bro! 8^).

  68. There are some mind-bendingly dark undercurrents to the Skiffy and Fanty Show.

    EPISODE #358 C-I-L-L My Landlord

    “On today’s show we have a poem about spaceships, some nifty tips on how to make your own SyFy hand puppet, and Nation of Islam black Supremacist Louis Farrakhan to talk about the racist ideology behind the term “Black Holes.”


    K. Snippy Snarkdog will tell us how you can make ink out of your own dung and paper from rat hides so you can write your very own SyFy story.


    Cecil the Seasick Seaslug will interview an up-and-coming SyFy writer from the Marginalized Kingdom of Kuwait, and tell us how not to erase the lived experiences of anyone not of European descent due to running dog paper tiger cultural imperialism via fast food franchises in the Third World.


    I – Prince Weimer Republic – will be talking about the work of white supremacist SyFy author Edgar Rice Burroughs and the misogyny latent in every other word he wrote.

    SO LET’S BLAST OFF FRIENDS!!! Squuuuuueeeeeeeeeee!

  69. In #GamerGate we don’t call it political correctness, we call it SocJus. The term is meant to evoke MiniLuv or IngSoc. Orwell created the literary idea of IngSoc because of what he saw among his comrades in Catalonia and elsewhere.

    Take it as seriously as a heart attack is my advice, but I’m just a humble, country anon.

  70. You have a beautiful family, Mr. Torgersen. I am sorry that you’ve had all of these liars slandering you.

  71. “Now, I am a patient man. I’ve got a long fuse. But this tactic employed today . . . it’s on another level. This isn’t just nerds bickering anymore. Baseless, false allegations of this type can ruin careers as well as lives.”

    If you ever feel inclined to know what Gamergate was about, what set it off? Read this part of this blog of yours, and it describes it perfectly. Roughly 8 months ago, gamers were angry as many gaming journalists had been caught red-handed with cases of conflict of interest that they failed to disclose. The gaming medias response was pretty much what you just experienced, only in a much wider scale. Most notably the 10-12 articles or so released in 24 hour span that read: “Gamers are dead, Gamers are not your audience.”. As gamers in the mainstream are still seen as hopeless nerds and nobody takes us seriously, we had to take matters into our own hands, and thus Gamergate was born.

    Why Gamergate is somewhat winding down now is that we’ve accomplished a lot of our original goals. Most of the journalists responsible for attacking their own audience and being caught on unethical practices have lost their jobs and are now begging for money on Twitter. Most gaming sites now add proper disclosures to articles with even a hint of conflict of interest in them. Clickbait sites like Gawker have lost most, if not all of their native advertisers thanks to our email campaigns. While we’re still yet to receive any formal apologies and the media smear campaign is still standing, we’ve grown into a watchdog group boogeyman that everyone in the gaming journalism field now fears.

    We’re keeping a close eye on Sad Puppies- and other similar occurences in journalism in general (the fake rape story on Rolling Stone), basically to look where else have people received the same treatment we did. If both this and Rolling Stone-case would spawn actual libel lawsuits, I’m sure that would finally cut off the wings of this current moral panic- and the corrupt hacks who are cynically monetizing on it at the expense of throwing people like you to the wolves. Corrupt journalists should not be allowed to run amok, or to hold any pretense of power at all. They should either mend their ways, or be forced out of their careers if they fail to do their jobs properly.

  72. So, they’re using the same tactics that backfired before?

    “They came at us in the same old way, and we defeated them in the same old way.”

  73. Your family is unspeakably beautiful. God bless you and your work; let not the quixotic fools trouble you.

    “Beauty is the mark God sets on virtue – every natural action is graceful; every heroic act is also decent, and causes the place and the bystanders to shine.”

    – Emerson

  74. Several years ago, when I made known my opposition to so-called gay marriage, a concerted campaign was made by others in my field (a part of the entertainment industry) to destroy may career. I was disinvited to industry events, which had been a lucrative part of my work. Colleagues with whom I had been close friends for decades told me to my face that I was a hater and a bigot. Many refused to work on any project in which I was involved. Those among my peers who privately agreed with me disagreed with me in public, or kept silence. Web pages were posted featuring hateful invective, caricatures, etc. of me.

    I was surprised by all this; I thought liberals were against so-called McCarthyism. It turns out that they don’t mind witch hunts as long as you’re hunting the witches they don’t like.

    In the end, their campaign of hatred failed. I am doing better than ever, both in my career and in personal life. My critics have mostly faded into obscurity, and I feel for them. it must suck to be old, fat, queer, and alone.

    Don’t back down from the SJWs. Never back down! Fling their hate back in their faces. Defy them to do their worst. You’ll suffer, but, as a great man once said, “Americans love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle.” Keep fighting. You’ll win.

    As a Catholic Traditionalist and a White man, I represent a certain philosophical and political position. It differs in many important ways from that of our host and from the positions many of you hold as well. (I am so far to the Right I make Franco look like an ACORN activist.) But I recognize no enemies on the Right. We do not all have to agree on everything to unite against the common enemy, the global Luciferian revolution (or just “the Revolution” for short). Lockstep ideological conformity is the hallmark of the Enemy. If you hate the entire SJW effort to force that ideological conformity on science fiction, I count you as an ally. again: no enemies on the Right!

  75. I think we need to start challenging (as if we haven’t already) how SJWs use the terms sexist and racist. It seems to have less and less to do with what someone actually thinks, feels, what attitudes they hold toward others, how they actually treat and relate to others. Because what Bradford and her ilk have demonstrated is it does not matter how we actually behave, treat, feel toward those who are different from us in some way. What matters is… something… that I still struggle to understand. Has to do with power right? Okay fine because I belong to group y I have some sort of power (does not matter what my life story is, how poor, mistreated, damaged, good, evil, powerless, whatever apparently) over those who belong to group x. Fine. So now what?

    Oh, we are told (for example) sexism = prejudice + power. Okay we have power. What about prejudice? Let’s be more specific. Bradford (right? hard to sort through the Twitter code) said “you can be married and still a misogynist”. Fair enough. But that begs the question, does it not, whether every married man is in fact a misogynist, in fact harbors prejudice to go along with the power. Why did Bradford (or whoever) think that was somehow a legitimate, rational response? We are dealing with psychopathy, with genuine irrationality, are we not? Because even if we don’t buy their sick social mathematics, they are missing a variable or two.

    One more point. If one is racist + sexist simply by virtue or belonging to group y or group w… no matter what we feel, think, how we behave, relate… then the accusation has no moral force. It cannot. It’s like yelling at a squirrel, Filthy squirrel! Is it supposed to feel guilty because it is a squirrel? Is it supposed to repent? What exactly? And yet those who supposedly don’t have power cannot be racist, sexist, no matter what negative attitudes they harbor, no matter how badly they treat members of other groups. The moral calculus implicit in SJW rhetoric is demented. Moreover it makes redemption impossible – unless we accept them as our deity, who dispenses morality, judgment, and forgiveness. Which is probably what this is about to begin with. The desire to be god, and not by grace.

  76. If there is one thing I’ve learned from Gamergate in these past eight months, it’s that these people are insatiable zealots who want nothing more than complete and total submission. There is no much thing as mea culpa to these people. If you apologize to a social justice warrior, no matter how sincere it may be, it will never be good enough and will just embolden their terrorist tactics.

    Furthermore, since most of their claims are either outright falsehoods or twitter quotes taken entirely out of context, giving them the benefit of the doubt and apologizing to them validates their intellectual dishonesty. It makes no sense to apologize in response to their hysteria, no more than it makes sense to apologize for being labeled a witch. If anything, apologizing only condemns you faster, since they treat it as an admission of guilt.

    I’m a Filipino and it boggles my mind how these people, many of whom are white trust fund babies from San Francisco, can justifiably call their opponents “privileged”. Or how they can call their opponents racist when they, themselves, never associate with people who are not white. They are textbook examples of cognitive dissonance.

  77. One more point that just occurred to me. The best way to deal with these libelous claims, if you ever get a right of reply, is to demand evidence. If there is one thing that socjus people can’t do, it’s basic research. Not only are they intellectually dishonest, they are fundamentally very lazy people who equate reading tumblr and twitter activism with real work.

    If you are ever unlucky (or lucky) enough to engage in open debate with a socjus cultist, always demand evidence for every single one of their claims. They will deflect and try to weasel their way out of it, but eventually, if you keep hammering them on the evidence point, they will get huffy, indignant and leave.

  78. Has anyone ever told you you look like James Spader? Because you look a little bit like James Spader.

  79. Mr. Torgersen, you exemplify the virtues of patience, true liberality, and patriotism that many fear had vanished from American culture. I gratefully accept you as my captain on the battlefield of ideas, my esteemed role model in the field of SF, and my superior in in the practice of charity.

    My prayers go out to you and your lovely family.

  80. Thank you for this post. I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s harassment and worse.

    Apparently, both Scalzi and Kowal have posted about the Hugos, urging folk to read the entire list of nominees before voting. Which is nice. I was especially pleased to see Kowal’s post, since I was originally a fan of her personally because of her willingness to be professional, and in the last two years, have been very disappointed to see her skew more and more towards attack, but her most recent post I think is well considered.

  81. All other complaints and objections and suggestions should have been sent to the EW editors … with the exception of noting that their article could be used as grounds for a libel suit. The first notice they should have gotten about that aspect should have come through the courts.

  82. This is going to be long. I apologize in advance.

    Brad: Beautiful family. You are a lucky man, to have found the wife you have, and both of you are lucky to have been graced with your child. Cherish one other.

    I am a long-time lurker in the online sf/f space. I seldom find the need to chip in and comment myself; usually I am content to read and watch, entertained by the many teapot-sized tempests that blow up on and off again online.

    This one is different.

    This one struck a chord with me today.

    I grew up with Science Fiction and Fantasy. I remember reading a couple of old “Tom Swift” books which had been my fathers which I found in my Grandmother’s attic one summer. The first book I ever bought with my own money was Jules Verne’s “20,000 leagues under the sea.” I had my own collection of Tom Swift, Jr., books. They led me to the science fiction section of our school’s libraries (when I was a kid, my family moved every three years or so as I was growing up. Seemed like it was always new schools, new schools…) Discovered Andre Norton, RAH, ERB, The Lensmen series, the list goes on.

    At age eight, I started mowing lawns to earn money. What I spent it on, almost always, was more books. As I got older, the jobs changed, but it always remained “all about the books.” I discovered the Science Fiction Book Club. Frequently, I’d forget to send in the “I don’t want it” selection card you got each month, and so wind up with books that I normally would not have picked. I got so that, instead of returning them, I would keep them – because it turned out a number of them were really good reads after all.

    Then the tight times hit. We moved to where there were no lawns to mow, so I did away with my book club membership. Continued to grow up, and went off to college. Things got really tight. Had a few years where I only bought one or two books (went back to the library, though. Turned out the University had a really good library. Who’d a thunk it.)

    Then I graduated. Got my first professional job. Monthly salary. First time I truly had a “disposable income.” Married the sweetheart I’d met the last few years I was in College (she came complete with a daughter-girl; instant family. My wif’es part Native American, by the way – love those dark eyes.) Things were a bit tight the first few months we were married, but then things got better financially as my job took off.

    And I still remember, twenty five years later, sitting in our living room looking at one of those “Publisher’s Clearing House” sweepstakes things, intending to pick out a couple of magazine subscriptions just because I finally could afford it, and looking through it to find the Science Fiction magazines I remembered having seen and heard of for years and never having the money to buy.

    And I bought them. Sorry, I’d list their titles for you, but I can’t anymore. It’s been too many years since I had those subscriptions. You see, the subscriptions only lasted a year – because I let them lapse as soon as the initial subscription ended.

    Because none of them were publishing what I wanted to read.

    (Yes, yes, I know. I can here the SJW crowd now. ‘Cite or it’s not real.’ I bought them, these are my memories, such as they are, believe it or not, don’t care.)

    I wanted to read about a bright, promising future, full of strife maybe (that makes for a good story, no?), but at least with characters who tried to do the right thing, and in many cases overcame in a MacGyverish way, or maybe by stomping the evil aliens into the dirt, or maybe in other cases by being befriended by the glorious aliens come to uplift us, or, or, or…

    Instead what I got was bleak, horrid views of the near future, sort of in the same vein as ‘the sheep look up’, and it seemed like all of it was depressing socio-political commentary designed to make me want to slit my wrists from depression.

    It took me back to my brief flirtation with the idea of becoming a writer I had while going to college. I had taken a couple of creative writing classes and aced them. I was seriously considering writing for a career (scared the piss out of my father at the time.) Everything was proceeding swimmingly until I enrolled in this writer’s workshop class. The instructor who taught it was a published author the school had hired to teach the class. The format of the class wasn’t bad; what threw me was the personalities of many of the budding writers, and of the teacher.

    The classmates that bugged me were loud and vocal (a minority, true, but very vocal.) Their attitude could best be summed up with the following statement one of them made in the class, and has stuck with me for so long simply because it seemed so alien: “Art IS Death. And Death is ART.” The student proclaimed this, the teacher nodded sagely, and a group-think discussion based on that proclamation began.

    It boggled me. Death was not art for me. I didn’t want anything to do with an art that had death as its focus.

    I’m afraid I didn’t do so good in that class. As a matter of fact, as time went on, I found it harder and harder to attend, to the point I wound up flunking it. (I should have dropped it, but I was stubborn, and never once in the six and a half years I was in college did I ever drop a class.) Anyway, that semester caused me to move on to other pursuits, and I chose an unrelated field of study for my degree.

    But then, a few years later, when I took out my subscriptions to those Sci Fi magazines, I discovered that it looked like the “Art is Death” crowd had taken over editing those magazines. That same dark, morbid, hating world view seemed to permeate almost everything in those magazines.

    No goodness. No light. Everything in the world is crap. No fun. Frustration. Angst. Despair. ‘We’re all a gonna die.’ And I wasn’t even reading about Cthulu.

    By this time in my reading, I’d discovered that if a book had ‘Hugo Winner’ on the cover, I needed to check the original copyrights. If it had been originally printed that decade, I’d decided that was a sure sign I wasn’t going to like it.

    Which seemed weird – when I first started reading, many of the things I liked were Hugo winners.

    So fast forward to today. Larry started the first Sad Puppies campaign, and I watched, amused, from the sidelines. I agreed with his evaluation of the modern content of a Hugo winner, and was amazed to discover, as the thing went on, how few people were actually involved in the selection process. I was also surprised to learn all about how the nomination process actually worked.

    But I was content to stay on the sidelines, watching, because the Hugos, for me, had long been irrelevant.

    Then this year happened. Sad Puppies 3 kicked off.

    I continued to occasionally poke about and read the posts about it, both those for and those against, and more and more began to realize that, maybe, it was time to start thinking about maybe being a part of the whole voting thing.

    But, forty dollars is forty dollars. Things are tight this year. I decided my participation could wait.

    The events here over the last day or so make me now wish I hadn’t waited.

    I’ve decided that, come hell or high water, when next year’s memberships open, I will be spending my forty dollars.

    I guaran-damn-tee it.

    Luck to you, Brad, and I wish your family well.

  83. Great looking family!!
    Finished Chaplain’s War a few days ago; outstanding!!
    Those EW folks inspired me to go to that Weisskopf woman’s publishing house and buy another Baen book. Good grief, I looked at the Baen publishing schedule and there are at least 10 books I’ll need to purchase in the next six months. Thanks EW.

  84. Frank G, while the time to nominate has passed, the window to register to vote is still open.

  85. Fantastic! How long do I have? I get paid on the 15th.

    (And by the way, Brad, love your writing.)

  86. Frank, you can still get a membership to vote this year, if you were so inclined.

  87. Just visited the registration website. Had to poke about a bit to find an answer, but it looks like I have until late July to buy a membership that will entitle me to a vote.

    Which is great. I only need until the 15th of this month, then I can swing it.

    Thanks, all.

  88. And I’d recommend to others to register as early as they can – it will give us all that much more time to read and evaluate as many of the entrants as we can. After all, if you haven’t read the nominations, how can you judge them? Which is kind of one of the points of Sad Puppies, isn’t it?

  89. I don’t really see clean hands on either side here, just a bunch of petulance and childishness, by and large, and some hate from some really hateful people on both sides.

    The award should be based on the merits of the works in question. Having a slate based on political differences (and even if you’re making that slate in response to what you see as politicization on the other side, you’re still politicizing your own slate) is not a good thing. It shouldn’t be used to force works approved by so-called SJWs onto the ballot, and it shouldn’t be used to get a bunch of Sad Puppies nominations on the ballot, either.

    I also see a lot of name-calling and insults coming from both sides, which has caused me to realize just how petty and unprofessional a lot of the authors involved in this are. Again, on BOTH sides. I’m not saying anyone is a bad person, because I don’t know any of you personally, but this is embarrassing.

    I’d like to see the field turned back over to the adults, please.

  90. Besides being able to vote this year and nominate next year, you’ll also get most of the nominees in E-Book form in May, easily 40 dollars worth of reading material which makes it easier to justify for the budget.

  91. You have a great looking family, Brad. My wife Valerie and I just celebrated our thirty-fourth anniversary with a quiet getaway to an undisclosed location where our cell phones didn’t work. We have three children, the eldest having just turned thirty-two, who proudly and firmly identify themselves as biracial and we take as confirmation that we did something right the fact that there has been no standard type or pattern of preference to their various boyfriends and girlfriends over the years. We live in the south where we are used to dealing with crazies on the other end of the political spectrum. (My online experiences are, as I know you know, the complete inverse.) Temptation of course is to recount a few illustrative war stories from both battlefields, but I don’t want to take any focus away from your point.

    Humans dominate this planet not because any individual human is particularly remarkable but because our default setting is the pack – or some would say tribal – mindset. The more threatened a pack feels (whether the threat is real or imagined) the more tight the bonds between individuals until the concept of individual becomes blurred and the more outrageous their threats to outsiders and the more vicious their attacks – whether preemptive or in response to a perceived attack. It’s a primal response that once served us well, but makes reasoned discourse between groups almost impossible. There’s no cure for this, no remedial action. As long as its group on group it’s a zero sum game. The only way to get through, the only way to progress, is to willfully set aside the group and deal as individuals. No, I didn’t just think of that. That idea is so old it’s cliched. I only know that in our respective families and in our community we’ve only won over individuals, never a group. There will be no resolution to the current conflict. One group will finally walk away, recognizing there is no gain worth the cost, and the other will cry victory oblivious to the fact no one cares. Or is even listening.

    Wish I had some cheerful or uplifting saying with which to close, one of those ray of hope tomorrow’s another day things, but their isn’t one. I can tell you that what’s worked for me is to not spend time I could be spending with Valerie and our kids (and grandkids) arguing with a group.

  92. Arthur Chu (yeah, the Jeopardy guy) spewed this on Twitter today:

    Arthur Chu @arthur_affect
    · 21m 21 minutes ago
    ATTENTION EVERYONE Brad Torgerson’s wife & daughter being used as “I can’t be racist” human shields in contravention of the rules of war”


    “Arthur Chu @arthur_affect
    · 24m 24 minutes ago
    Oh F— OFF Brad Torgerson. You can BE black & be racist. You can BE a woman & be sexist ”

    Ironically, this is a point many of us have been trying to make for years. 😉

  93. Rob… Sad Puppies (Brad) made a point, on purpose, to include political/ideologial diversity on the ballot. It would be nonsensical to “politicize” the slate itself when the foundational complaint is that people have been systemically excluded from the process by virtue of their ideologies and that this “political test” that used to be sort of incidental has in the last few years become commanded and deliberate. There was NO diversity in the winners last year. They had one ideology between them. If the entire Sad Puppy slate sweeps the Hugos this year it will represent a *de* politicizing of the award… no matter that the people who agreed that something should be done kinda-sorta share at least one aspect of a world view… ie… there ought to be room for people of competing ideologies in a genre that is *supposed* to be about ideas.

  94. Let me see if I understand Mr. Chu correctly…
    A man who, to the best of my knowledge, has never said or done anything racist, definitely doesn’t associate with racists, might associate with people who associate with racists, and probably only associates with people who associate with people who associate with racists–a degree of separation from racism most of his detractors can only dream of–is not allowed to bring up the fact that he is married to a woman of a different race and had children by her in his defense?
    The logic is not with Chu.

  95. Chu is lighter-skinned than my east German great grandfather. Any comment he makes about “PoC” matters is, at that point, incredibly laughable.

    But again, this is just “guilty until proven innocent.” These people quite literally despise the basic premises of the American justice system, American culture, and all of the virtues they claim they love.

  96. I am honestly scratching my head at Chu’s comment. I mean, he spelled my name wrong (everybody is) but how and why does a civilized human being say “FUCK OFF” to a stranger he does not know? Maybe he regards me as low-hanging fruit. He wouldn’t be the first. Ah well. Maybe his mother never taught him that “blustering churl” is not a life profession?

  97. I am nearly convinced that it is now “War to the knife, and the knife to the hilt”. After all, that is what the SJW’s WANT. They just don’t realize how bad they actually are at it, and how good we are when we finally relax our self-restraint.

    That’s like Coasters wanting to start a civil war with flyover country. Who’s got the guns?

  98. Privilege theory becomes especially odd with people like Chu, because Asian Americans, like Hindu Americans and Jewish Americans, are wealthier than white ethnically-Christian Americans. So you can always say he is “punching down” if you wish.

  99. Okay, I’m not a science fiction fan and know little about this world. But I’m heading to Amazon to buy a few of your and Mr. Correia’s books, which I may never read (my reading list is hopeless as is… just finished Max Tegmark’s “Our Mathematical Universe”) to offer at least token support in the face of these damn lynch mobs. The fact that Mr. Torgersen says he’s a classical liberal tells me that his worldview and mine are at least in the same universe and maybe the same galaxy.

    He and Correia are facing the same knuckle-dragging, cowardly mob Huck Finn witnessed in some fictional town along the Mississippi. They’re dealing with it like the guy who stood up to the mob in Mark Twain’s most famous novel, except they’re only firing metaphorical bullets. My response is token and easy and involves zero risk. Torgersen, Correia, Sarah Hoyt and others deserve enormous credit for as Glenn Reynolds says, standing up to the bastards and doing so with reason and facts. Kudos

  100. Okay, I did what I almost never do, and I went over to Twitter. I don’t use that social media at all, and don’t plan to. Chu’s commentary is a reminder to me why. This is not the discourse of grown-ups. This is digital playground fighting with a character limit, and no adults around to smack the truly belligerent children when it gets out of hand. I see Chu was born in 1984. That puts him right on the lower edge of the “esteem movement” that taught an entire generation of children that they are a) magically perfect in every way and that b) nothing they ever say is ever wrong. That, right there, might explain Chu’s thoughtless belligerence. I wonder if he’d care to utter his words to me when I’m in uniform, and we’re face to face? I am going to guess he’d wilt like a flower. All of these people have keyboard muscles, and limited face-to-face skills. It’s why they turn into flaming rage nozzles on-line, but are often mousy and sheepish in real life.

  101. Now, now, some of us born in the late 80’s are perfectly reasonable people… though my friends my tell you that I am, in fact, a belligerent asshole (face-to-face).

    ‘I mean, he spelled my name wrong (everybody is) but how and why does a civilized human being say “FUCK OFF” to a stranger he does not know?’

    To be fair, we have a few individuals on our side who have done the same thing. But having read what Chu had to say during his time on Jeopardy (he worked on audio for Erfworld, which is a fantastic project regardless), I do believe that you are correct to regard him as internet-bellicose and a contrarian. He is one of those people that Robert Howard had in mind when he wrote “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.”

    Granted, that is actually a fair summation of a large portion of the internet and the SJW brigades in particular.

  102. One thing I apologize for: not keeping up with this thread all day. It’s been a little nuts on my end. Hundreds of messages and e-mails. Suddenly I have a full-time job thanks to Chu (and others like him) who love taking shots at total strangers. To my happy surprise, 90% of all the correspondence has been supportive, and rather scornful of the invective used against myself, Larry Correia, and Sad Puppies 3. Folks, I tell you, this whole political correctness game doesn’t realize how badly it squanders good will with spectators. Every time an innocent person gets trashed, the spectators realize just how empty the perpetrators are — morally, as well as ethically.

  103. but how and why does a civilized human being say “FUCK OFF” to a stranger he does not know?

    Precisely as Chu did, in the most craven manner possible: from a distance, yipping and cowering behind a keyboard.

  104. While I’m sorry that it took a nasty piece of Rolling Stone journalism to cause you to post that picture, I’m happy to be able to take one look at it and conclude: that Mr. Torgeson is one blessed fellah. And so is your daughter. I hope my Mighty Mite can be as proud of her parents as yours can be. Godspeed.

  105. Their behavior is disgusting and fascistic. This SP campaign is a sweet victory, but I fear it is a small, momentary victory. The SJW’s and their ilk hold all the power, they control the commanding heights of the culture. If anyone thinks that this victory will force them to ease up and reconsider their ways you are mistaken. Will their publishing houses hire anyone who has shown the slightest bit of dissent to the party line? No. Social media will make it impossible for any outsider to gain employment. Will anyone in media take a chance on a single person who posted a word in favor of SP? Never. These institutions will follow the same path as academia, they will hire only like minded people. Over time these institutions will rot and collapse but it hardly be noticed within the broader, countrywide decay.

  106. I should add that, my pessimism aside, I will continue to fight this totalitarian instinct of the Left (sorry, Mr. Torgersen) and hope for the best.

  107. Shaun Duke’s on the job like an addled Dr. Watson, examining all the protocols and hypotheticals wherein a man may or not be a racist if it’s a Thursday in June as opposed to standing on a chair and if the light is just right. Plus some of my best friends are multiplied by the speed of sound:



    Shaun Duke just broke the whine barrier.

  108. Wait, Mr. Torgersen is a classical liberal? Oh, I thought he was a man of the left. Either way, decent man, worthy ally.

  109. From Hugo Awards Still a Politicized Pile of Shit

    “If you’re paying attention, you know you’re supposed to be outraged because Kevin J. Anderson got nominated for a Hugo instead of Random Tor Discovery of the Month Writer. […] Sad Puppies didn’t nuke the fridge. John Scalzi did with a Hugo for Redshirts. […] The Hugos have a messy history, but there’s never been an ongoing shitshow like this when worthless writers are promoted because of politics, e.g. Ted Chiang, John Scalzi, N.K. Jemsin, and when insiders create the myth that a few of their darlings are the only ones worth watching. […] And say what you will about Sad Puppies, any list of short stories on which John C. Wright appears and “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love” doesn’t is a major improvement in the genre.”

    I must say, I like the cut of this young lad’s jib. 😉

  110. It’s amazing how people in the “literature of ideas” are so afraid of ideas that they might disagree with.

  111. Read this definition of stupid introduced by the definition of stupid.

    “N. K. Jemisin @nkjemisin · 7h 7 hours ago Reclaiming Manhood: Detoxifying Toxic Masculinity http://www.doctornerdlove.com/2015/04/reclaiming-manhood-detoxifying-toxic-masculinity/ …”

    And remember, if you push back against this defamatory racial and sexual profiling clogging up SFF, you default to a white supremacist racist homophobic conservative. There’s your “politics.” Bigots always turn your skin or sex into an ideology. Then they can legitimately “critique” it. Never forget that.

    They never stop – not for one day. It’s all about the neutron stars and ringworlds, isn’t it? Bizarre obsession, meet inappropriate space. Why are we surprised SJW SFF is often racial revenge fiction and SFF-less?

  112. Why are we surprised SJW SFF is often racial revenge fiction and SFF-less?

    So much of their piffle, boiled down to its tiresome essence, ultimately renders as: “LOOK, DAD! LOOK! LOOK AT ME, DAMN YOU! I’M RAGING AGAINST YOUR PRECIOUS MACHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE, DAD! @#$%ING PAY ATTENTION TO ME, DADDEEEEEEEEEEEE — !!!”

  113. Why do SJWs always belabor the obvious? Is this under dispute somewhere I don’t know about? They keep Tweeting this over and over again.

    “David Gerrold @David_Gerrold · 4 Apr 2014 You are free to believe what you want. You are free to speak what you want. You are not free from the consequences.”

    Notice how Gerrold implies someone besides himself actually cares who the presenter is?

    “The Hugo emcees will be myself and Tananarive Due. Whoever wins whatever award, the trophy will be presented by a gay man or a black woman.” – David Gerrold

    The only person I know for a fact cares about that shit is Gerrold.

  114. Someone’s having a nervous breakdown over the imaginary underground railroad she runs that derailed.

  115. One small nitpick: the line attributed to Larry Niven actually goes back to John Campbell, who wanted writers to make aliens who weren’t just humans in funny costumes with completely human psychology.

  116. Brad? Everyone? I mean everyone. Even those who hate us but have loved ones, people they couldn’t imagine their worlds without.

    Go hug your loved ones. And treasure them. Cherish them.

    I don’t want anyone to feel how I am feeling right now.


  117. “Indeed, I’d like to see Chu say that to my wife’s face. They’d be digging bits of Chu’s ass out of the ceiling tiles for about a week.”

    You mean what’s left of his ass, right?

  118. Long time fan. I’ve been quiet about this stuff because of my job (public face of a company), but what’s happened in the last couple of days is just starting to break the ice. Thanks for sharing this. I wish it wasn’t necessary.

  119. It’s not about race (like yourself, I’m from a mixed-race family), it’s about left-wing politics. Race and gender are merely their weapons of choice.

    The left and their institutions like the Democratic Party haven’t changed much since the days of Jim Crow, Reconstruction, or even slavery — they’ve always been defined by the kind of irrational gutter politics that can be used to appeal to the low-income voters that make up their base of the political power. In the old days, they whipped up poor whites against blacks, Chinese, or what have you, and demanded special treatment for their clients. Today they whip up low-income blacks to riot in Ferguson, rail against “white (or Asian, or jewish, or anyone who manages to live a productive life) privilege,” invent and promote fake rape epidemics, and demand special treatment for their clients. They’re the party of the getting the state to do stuff for your race. Always have been. Always will be.

    Fortunately many if not most Americans believe in merit and don’t support overt racism, in part because this truly is the land of opportunity, where your race is either irrelevant or a source of joy and pride in our uniqueness (and at this point, some of our racial blends are pretty darned unique!).

    Their antics have a limited shelf life, as more and more Americans marry without regard to race. We can look forward to a day when Americans truly are judged by the content of their character.

  120. That was one hell of a statement, sir. I doubt I could have responded so eloquently under the same incredible circumstances.

    Keep fighting this good fight. There are many, many people behind you.

  121. It’s like the other side is more offended by the notion Brad *isn’t* racist.

    “Oh no! That person isn’t as bad as I thought! How will I cope?”

  122. Oh, KiTA, it’s far, far worse than that.

    “Only if you believe Sad Puppies 3 participants like Annie Bellet or Rajnar Vajra don’t count.”

    The women and minorities who don’t agree lockstep with the social justice warriors NEVER count.

    Bellet very well may agree with them, well, or may have before she discovered that she would be vilified for the hatecrime of having been nominated for the Hugo by SP3. It’s not that they’ll trash people who don’t walk in lockstep with them, it’s that they won’t even check first, if someone ends up downrange by sheerest accident.

    It’s very much “Kill them all, God will know his own.”

  123. I saw that, and thought it pretty damn fair. Yeah, I wish she’d read all the works, but you know what? She’s willing to do a hell of a lot better than a lot of people who are “on her side” normally, so I’m not going to sweat it.

  124. Superb write up.

    I just want to chime in on a semantic difference (disagreement might not be the right way to put it). We each have our own terms and define things a bit differently. What’s important in discussion is that we recognise what’s being defined and discussed, and don’t conflate or/and equivocate meanings.

    I am a left wing, social justice activist, progressive liberal. I would proudly call myself politically correct to quite an extent. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_correctness On the positive side of this involves critiques of art through various lenses to examine biases (and biases, or unintentional consequences, or differences of chance, whatever, are not the same as bigotry), among other things. But not an excuse for all new ones… what I am completely against is politically cut-throat tactics; poor epistemology, equivocation. It’s good to examine art for tropes and limitations in representation – it’s bad to demonise an individual piece as a bunch of hateful “isms” for failing to perfectly represent a utopian ideal, it’s worse to do so because it simply comes from the outgroup.

    Political correctness has been weaponised to the most cut-throat, inconsiderate, bias-blind politics imaginable. But I recognise we’re defining our terms from different angles. There is not one point you make here that I disagree with the actual content.

    You wrote a wonderful piece, and I completely support you and Sad Puppies. I am more ambivalent on, say, Gamergate, because frankly it’s a clusterfuck. What is remarkable about Sad Puppies is how they’ve avoided toxicity coming from their side. It is an incredibly positive movement and so revealing that the likes of EW did what they did – even cherry picking the worst of the worst cannot give the conclusions the claimed. There’s nothing like that to cherry pick.

    Best of luck!

  125. “The Hugo emcees will be myself and Tananarive Due. Whoever wins whatever award, the trophy will be presented by a gay man or a black woman.” – David Gerrold

    For SJWs, it’s always Selma and it’s always 1965.


  126. Shadowdancer:

    Whatever you need from any of us… whenever you need it. Just know that we are all here for you, always.

    All my love and support, in this awful, awful time.


  127. I said this to Teresa once: there are two kinds of “ex” Mormons — the ones who get over it, and the ones who don’t. I have been on the fence about deciding which one Teresa is. Since she worked very had to get kicked out. I suspect she is the latter. And in my experience, ex-Mormons who don’t get over it, are a very unhappy lot. Very unhappy.

  128. asterling — A very well-written defense of Octavia Butler.

    Personally, I can’t read her books for health reasons. (Because the first and second ones I read gave me nightmares all night, for several nights in a row, and a filk describing the plot of “Bloodchild” made me physically sick.) But certainly, writing sf/horror that can actually cause nightmares is evidence of being a skillful writer of that subgenre!

    I would say that her reputation currently suffers from the way she is used as a weapon, and from having her books assigned to college and high school students against their wills. For a deeper consideration of her work’s influence, obviously time (and strong-stomached readers!) will tell.

  129. Shadowdancer! I’m so sorry! Praying now!

    If it’s any comfort, St. Jerome said that just being in a Christian family is practically the equivalent of being a catechumen, and Fr. Z had a post pointing out that a parent’s intention to baptize is understood by God.

  130. You should insist that EW publish your response in their rag. Make it that same length as the hit piece they wrote. They owe you that or I would sue them.

  131. Shadowdancer, I can’t possibly express how sorry I am; I’ll be praying for you and your family, and yes, I will go home tonight and hug my son ’til he squawks. God be with you in this time of travail.

  132. I consider myself an extremely calm and rational man; the product of a misdirected youth filled with anger that finally led me to take a good hard look at myself and the world around me and come to the realisation that what I was really mad with was myself, not everything else in the world.

    That was a hard truth, and one that changed me deeply. It’s hard to find me nowadays without a smile on my lips, a bounce in my step and a kind word for all and sundry.

    But these people seriously upset my Zen.

    I’m deeply sorry you’ve been on the receiving end of this vitriol, Brad. I’m sorry that you felt it necessary to make this post. And I’m sickened to see that this very post, which to myself shows a human, caring side, is already being paraded about as (somehow) further proof of your racism.

    Seeing such things happen saddens and wearies me, and I am but a peripheral observer. To have to face such hate head on is a fate I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemies. And I suppose that is exactly what separates us from these callous, hollow worms.

    I would wish you love, happiness and a long life, but it is clear from your post that you’ve already got the first two items in the bag; so, Brad, allow me to wish you only a long life, replete with the love you have already found – and let us hope that it is more than sufficient to drown out the hate.

  133. Shadowdancer:
    Crap. I didn’t even notice your post above on your loss until just now. My deepest, deepest, heartfelt condolences. I have three kids of my own, and I can well understand what I would be feeling if anything like this had happened to any of them.

    This is a good reminder that, at the end of the day, what we’ve been arguing about these last few days is really a minor, trivial matter. There are many things that are much, much, infinitely more important that winning popularity contests.

    You have my utmost, sincere condolences on your loss. :,-(

  134. For those not familiar with Arthur Chu’s antics, this is par for the course. Chu likes to flings barbs at GamerGate from the refuge of his Twitter account, safe from the responses of this critics courtesy of a anti-GG blockbot that defies Twitter’s ToS.

    He’s said many things that defy logic, common sense, ethics, and basic human decency. The worst of his crimes is his own admittance that he knew that certain people in his circle of friends in college had committed rape, and bragged about how he kept silent about them. Any human being who would gleefully admit to such a thing does not deserve to pass judgement on others.

  135. Shadowdancer,
    I have no words. My kids have been hugged. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. And as others have said, if there’s anything, anything at all, let me know.

  136. The worst of his crimes is his own admittance that he knew that certain people in his circle of friends in college had committed rape, and bragged about how he kept silent about them. Any human being who would gleefully admit to such a thing does not deserve to pass judgement on others.

    Arthur Chu IS “rape culture.”

    To repeat my comment from a previous thread:

    “As the old saying goes: ‘Until you turn 30, you have the face God gave you. After that, you have the face you deserve.’

    “Piggish little eyes… doughy, entitled face… lips curled in the perpetually defensive sneer of the moral and intellectual welterweight.

    “Arthur Chu very definitely has the face he deserves.”

  137. Shadowdancer, I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  138. Gerrold’s under the mistaken impression that we damn either way. I have friends who are black females, and are gay males. Even a couple black lesbians for a double dose.

    I’d be thrilled to accept an award from any of their hands.

  139. “The Hugo emcees will be myself and Tananarive Due. Whoever wins whatever award, the trophy will be presented by a gay man or a black woman.” – David Gerrold

    This racist MF’er left the Asians out. Bastard.

  140. Slate=idiots. Notice how many times we’ve heard the quote “half-savage”? How many times have we heard Jemisin’s quote about “diabolical” whites? ZERO.

    Notice how in this world homophobia is simply taken for granted while heterophobia is considered some fabulous myth like a basilisk. Same for misandry, same for non-white racism.

    Starting to sense a pattern here? It’s called “lying.”

    Arthur Chu alone is a one-man free fire zone of anti-white comments that gets absolutely no attention. In fact Slate called him “eloquent.”

    “Vee are not Racialists!” – anonymous SJW

  141. A very well written response, sir. The shame is that it had to be written at all.
    Can’t say for certain if I’ve read anything you’ve written, but I’m making it a point to find something and start. By the way, beautiful family. Y’all look very happy.

  142. Here, here’s a quote : “Folks, until or unless political correctness is given the boot, this kind of stuff isn’t going to stop. It won’t be just me getting the torch. It will be you too. You other authors, and you other fans. Political correctness has a bottomless stomach, and is red in tooth and claw. Even if you try to appease the beast, it will eat you eventually anyway.”

    That there is one thing and one thing only, a person feeling their privilege threatened, whinging about it and trying to scare people into overreaction by making up a bogeyman, lying and screaming the sky is falling. EW’s not making you say that. Slate’s not putting that spin on that. You are saying that yourself and that is absolute 100% grade A bullshiat. The disenfranchised minorities of the USA have not risen up to wrest control from white male scifi writers and anyone that could possibly believe that is so beyond help as to be beneath contempt.

    Neither I nor anyone else needs someone “saving” us from people reminding us that bigotry is still a problem. And as for their bottomless stomach? I’ve never had the slightest problem with any kind of political correctness, and all I ever had to do was not be a bigoted asshole. It’s actually really easy.

    It’s great that you think you’re colorblind. It’s great that you can get along with women. But what you clearly can’t do is hear someone mention that bigotry is still a problem, especially anywhere near your field, without apparently feeling upset and threatened by it. And as for having women being part of your movement somehow proving it can’t be bigoted, two words, Phyllis Schlafly. So the arguments you hoist up are definitely of the typical, “but I’ve got black friends,” variety.

    Bigotry is still a very big problem both globally and in the US. People pointing this out are not, and trying to claim we’re all going to be ruined by political correctness is a lie big enough you should be genuinely ashamed of pushing it. The bed you’re sleeping in now is one you made yourself, no one made it for you.

  143. If bigotry’s such a problem why aren’t SJWs showing us exactly how? Instead one has recently written an article they passed among themselves which maintained mistaken identity was “institutional racism.” If that’s the problem with bigotry in SFF, if they’re reduced to flogging that at us then I declare bigotry in SFF solved.

  144. Heaney: I should have mentioned I think Derrick Bell’s whole Critical Race Theory carnival card show is a giant pile of garbage. Which humanities department are you studying at? Do you plan to teach once you graduate?

  145. I’ve never had the slightest problem with any kind of political correctness

    That always sounds so much nobler and more stirring in the original German.

  146. I’ve never had the slightest problem with any kind of political correctness, and all I ever had to do was not be a bigoted asshole. It’s actually really easy.

    Personally, I love seeing this line followed by stark bigotry in the very next paragraph. Guess it wasn’t so easy after all…

    I’m increasingly coming around to the conclusion that the SJWs are projecting their own bigotry and their own attachment to power and privilege, because every one that comments on every SP blog seems to have at least one ironic projection per post.

  147. It’s great that you think you’re colorblind.

    No, even better: it’s great that I know I’m colorblind.

    My abject sympathies, that you (evidently) feel incapable of honestly stating the same.

    Catch up.

  148. “Never bet a dollar on a horse named Immortality.”

    That’s all I know, and it’s the only truth I trust.


  149. And as to prayer? Light a candle, make a wish.

    Good luck with that.


  150. The folks feeding that line to Entertainment Weekly can be guessed as to who they are.

    Let me just make two points, and people can research this to their heart’s content.

    Teresa suffers from narcolepsy. She’s been very open about this. What she may not have been vary open about is that for at least the ’80s and ’90s she drove an automobile with while being an active narcolept. (I don’t know about the oughts, or now.) Is this legal in New York state, where I assume she had/has her driver’s license? Did she reveal to the DMV that she was a narcolept?

    So much for worrying about anyone else on the road. But then, as always, laws are for the little people only.

    On her blog several years ago she intimated that the drugs she takes for narcolepsy, that she gets these drugs illegally, from across the border or somesuch. So much for paying attention to the law. But again, only for the peasants.

    Somebody ought to maybe look into this. Perhaps Entertainment Weekly.

  151. Well done Brad. Well done… They’ve crossed a line that IS going to come back and bite them. Other than a couple of posts, I’ve stayed out of it, but I did pay my money and I WILL vote. I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting either you , but I do know Larry from various places. And thanks for your service. There are a bunch of us out here that stand with you.

  152. Congratulations on your lovely wife and family. I am sure she must be a saint if she has put up with you for this long.
    You avoid mentioning your follower who was more successful than you and seems to have enabled both yours and his success. While I disagree with your politics and analysis of the world and your quick replacement of reason and discourse with snark it is still in the rational spectrum. The writer known as Vox Day and his followers were better organized and better financed and had a plan that worked. And he is a bigoted riligious right wing nut job openly homophobic who was kicked out of the Science Fiction Writers Association for biggotted smearing messages about another writer on their letterhead who desires vengeance against the SF community. He is wealthy enough from his radical right Christian family’s involvement in media and politics to buy a Finnish publishing house to have a vehicle to make himself as editor and agreeable writers eligble for awards or SFWA membership. He has his religious political conservative End Times followers willing to follow his commands on voting and enough money to gift them with supporting memberships. And he had a plan.
    Your Sad Puppy slate was well designed although mainly appealing to one type of reader you consolidated 30+ follower recommendations to 2-4 to concentrate your followers votes and were likely to be more successful than last year. You took care tohave a diverse slate where not everything was crap and some good nominations. Vox Dey (homonym for Voice Of God) expanded each of your nominations in an effort not ton sure that conservative voices were heard but to lock out every other voice in each category. In categories with not many nominations his Rabid Slate votes when combined with your Sad slate succeeded.
    You have been played by a more extremist more experienced player with more resources. Your Sad Puppy slate to bring more diversity to the Hugo Awards instead locked out nominees and brought less. Not too mention some of the nominees are just political correctness on the other side. Six nominations for a minor writer just because he published rants against liberals and gays popular in online conservative circles? Talk about agendas you have become worse than those you railed against.
    Lovely family, sorry about stupid journalists.

  153. I agree with “eleming”, for the most part.


    Such. Poor. Editing.

    Revision and spell-checking before posting never made anyone appear less intelligent.

    A word to the already quite wise.

    From an old old editor.


  154. Please learn the proper use of “I,” “me,” and “myself.” Yourself is killing me.

  155. Your Sad Puppy slate to bring more diversity to the Hugo Awards instead locked out nominees and brought less.

    Insanity… dishonesty… or both. The currently nominated raft of writers and editors spans the entire political spectrum, from far right to far left; no other final Hugo ballet of recent years can credibly make the same claim. Strike One.

    The current nominees are both male and female, and — as is the CHORF fetish du jour — are represented by multiple ethnicities and religions. (The fact that you evidently can not see this, on first blush, indicates a profound ignorance of said nominees on your part. This would be your responsibility to correct — not. Mr. Torgersen’s. Strike Two..

    ” […] and enough money to gift them with supporting memberships.” Incredible accusations require incredible evidence. Here you provide none whatsoever; it is reasonable to assume, therefore, that you are incapable of doing so. Strike Three, and you’re out.

    Swing and a miss. Head on back to the dugout and ride the pines, junior. You’re done here.

  156. You are right that this is just the same parody of whats going on in all avenue’s of pampered western nations.

    This reminds me of how Mike Brown, the Thug turned into a Gentle Giant by our liberal media, and some of the hater/jealous black culture and Brainless youth and he was also made into some warped martyr which did in deed lead to many innocent people being violently hurt or killed by this sick yellow journalism.

    And what does it do, It divides people even more. But do realize Sad Puppies have a very much needed role to play. If only one side is shown and not the other. Then you get this perverted political and social system that we have.

    If the media would have stopped in there 8 month headline of Mike Thug/Gentle Giant Brown to mention the younger and smaller unarmed white kid shot to death with his(HANDS DOWN) by a black cop who had no action taken against him, Then those fools who rioted and probably even the ones that killed the white Bosnian with hammers, might have taken a second to understand that yes(OHHHH YESSSS) there are actually two sides to the story. Not just one.

    As you know, These SJW’s are haters who justify there hate and see no Hypocrisy in them demonizing and stereotyping groups because they said “I Know YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I” first.

    Sad and Sick how Writers and those who love Writing are also so against freedom of expression and differing opinions.


  157. Oh let me congratulate you on not needing to moderate (Censor) my post.

    It’s a rare thing nowadays.

  158. You didn’t deserve that, Brad. No one deserves that. But especially not you.

    I’m not sure what to say about the rest because I have no polite words with which to discuss my feelings — except I think that you are absolutely, 100% right that if everyone came to the table and actually tried to discuss things, the world would be better off. (Not just in SF&F fandom, either.)

    I truly hope things will improve in SF&F fandom. And I wish you the best…while I pray, somehow, that the furor will subside.

  159. I’m not a sci fan fan, but I have become familiar with all of this through Instpundit’s link to Sarah Hoyt. I enjoyed your impassioned defense of Sad Puppies above.

    But I’m writing about language. At least three times above, you used “myself” as the subject of a sentence. Stop it! I have to hear that constantly from people in their conversations. As a professional writer, you should not be encouraging such ignorance.

  160. I made the mistake of posting from a small iPhone which is terrible for editing and even seeing what you are posting. A better edited version is on a website.
    I have reviewed the nominees and also stated that Brad was smart in including a few diverse nominees and some very worthy, Considering the limited selection his slate was culled from that is commendable.


  161. Hi Brad. Been following this for a while, via your blog, Sarah Hoyt’s blog and Larry Correia. Just wanted to add a little rant of my own.

    James May pointed out the one quote that always gets me:
    “Feminist FrequencyVerified account ‏@femfreq 6h6 hours ago There’s no such thing as sexism against men. That’s because sexism is prejudice + power.”

    I’ve seen people make similar claims about racism. The thing that pisses me off is that it’s a lie. Racism/sexism/(ism of the moment) is prejudice towards a gender/race/etc other than yours.

    I daresay that some of the SIWs (as Sarah Hoyt has accurately labeled them) who are trying to lie about you being a racist, would happily throw this out in defense of the racist things Larry Correia and others have quoted them as saying about white people. Quotes that have been as bad and in many cases, worse than the comments attributed to the SIWs’ targets.

    To me, the “power + prejudice” lie is an act of intellectual cowardice. The people who say such things are essentially conceding that the person they’re defending *is* racist, but does not want to admit it, for fear of losing the moral high ground.

    That they’ve *never* held the moral high ground is the reality that sadly, they refuse to even consider.

  162. Hi; thank you for the prayers and condolences everyone.

    I’m sorry Brad, I didn’t mean to unintentionally hijack the post. I just couldn’t handle how people are threatening lives, kith, kin and livelihood over this, not now. So I said something. That’s all.

    Please direct comments to me to my site. Thank you.

    And please don’t forget that people are more important than this.

  163. Duskstar: you have my sympathy, hat over heart, and you are free to use this comment space for whatever you wish. No apology necessary. Again, hat over heart. Life is what we live, between the tragedies. It takes courage — and the sharing of the load between good people — to push through. Be well.

  164. Lmfao, did you really pull the “I have a black friend” card with your own god damn wife?
    That’s so god damn low.

  165. That’s so god damn low.

    Scuttle back underneath the kitchen sink, and rejoin the rest of your chitinous cohorts.

  166. I remember a made-for-tv movie from a few decades ago called ‘The Wave (1981)’ about a bunch of kids who turned fascist and then were shocked into realizing what they’d become when their ‘secret leader’ turned out to be Hitler. That is a question, though. How exactly can you get a person who lives only for hatred and resentment to recognize that what they really are is exactly the thing they pretend to hate? How do you convince a fascist that he or she is a fascist? They’ll never believe it, because their whole world revolves around resenting the bad guys, and they must must MUST be the good guys. Nothing that paints them as the real bad guys is ever going to penetrate their consciousness. They will simply buzz ‘does not compute’ and go on being PC petite-fascists. It’s unfortunately you can’t get them to blow apart with a paradox like the computer in ‘Logan’s Run,’ but then that doesn’t work on a real computer either.

    I think the only way to get through to them is with a story, but they’ll never read it or watch it. How do you penetrate layers of hate and resentment and misplaced lust for vengeance to chip at the self-hatred that powers the lot? If I knew the answer I’d be doing it, and I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to use the shock method from ‘The Wave.’ My blog is full of such essays, and I think they’re almost totally useless. How does one reach a soul wrapped in bitter, myopic, monomaniacal rancor?

  167. You have a wonderful family. You should be nothing but proud to share that photo.



  168. Yeah, some people can’t tell Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies apart.

    And you do realize that the Sad Rabid Puppies were all about nominating only works that met your political correctness, don’t you?

  169. I don’t understand how you are married to a Black woman but cannot condemn Vox Day who viciously attacked a Black SF writer (N.K. Jemisin) as a “savage” and has made explicitly racist comments. My confusion has nothing to do with political correctness, by the way.

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