Perspective 2021

Because I am an introspective person I’ve occasionally asked myself if I really was on the right side of 2015.

Then I remember that Arthur Chu and so many others like him all went out of their way to be on the other side.

And I am reassured.

Theirs is a very foreign and despicable country — a nation of cowards who pretend to be heroic.


  1. 2015 was the year I went from “your politics don’t define you” to “odds are, your politics define you”. Or more accurately, “odds are, your politics define whether you hate me on sight or not.”

    It’s everywhere. And I hate that.

  2. Right? The politicization of literally everything is deeply pernicious. Healthy people need neutral spaces where politics do not intrude. The Woke have actively worked to pervert and destroy those neutral spaces at every opportunity — giving themselves the excuse, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!” A diet of endless outrage is exhausting, and mentally unwell. But then, exhausting and mentally unwell are the two chief calling cards of most Woke folk.

  3. Yeah. What Aimee said.

    It’s also hardened the divide from mere “Oh yeah? show me” vs Groupthink into “those I can trust” and “those who likely will stab me in the back”.

  4. Outrage is the new religion of the left, so if you are not outraged like they believe you should be outraged, they try to cast you out as a “nonbelievers ” and destroy you so you don’t infect others.

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