There once was a box van in France

There once was a box van in France. The box van sat idle on the rental lot much of the time. Occasionally somebody rented the box van, used it to move equipment or furniture or cargo, and returned the box van to its lessor. This happened many, many, many times over the box van’s service life. Not once did the box van pose a danger to its owner, its various drivers, nor any other drivers nor pedestrians; beyond the usual hazards of French metropolitan traffic.

Then Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel happened. 86 people died.

Do we blame the box van, or Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel?

The box van had no say in the matter. The box van was an inanimate object. It only moved when a human mind with human will was at the wheel. For 99.99% of that particular box van’s history, it harmed no one. And 99.99% of all box vans across the globe can make the same claim: harmful to no one. And no sane person could suggest that banning or restricting box vans is a sensible “solution” to box vans being used the way Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel used that box van.

The problem lay 100% with the man, and 0% with the machine.

I know nobody in America who is passionate about restricting or banning inanimate objects, cares. These individuals and groups argue from a place of emotion—which neither facts nor logic can touch.

Nevertheless, the facts and logic are irrefutable. People just pretend otherwise.


  1. I agree with the point. And say neither is the hackers keyboard to blame for the hacks. And neither, the child is not guilty of it’s conception (so should be protected from those who would destroy them.)

    One question, when was the van missed to kill so many?

  2. The reason they rarely get any traction passing so-called “common-sense” gun laws after these types of tragedies is that most rational people instinctively realize they won’t be safer by denying themselves the tools to protect them and theirs from the rare few who carry out these attacks. I suppose from the ivory tower of Capitol Hill protected by armed security, it is hard to feel any need to take responsibility for their own defense.

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